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Swedish Candy: BonBon Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish (5.2oz)
Swedish Candy: BonBon Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish (5.2oz)
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ABOUT: Swedish Candy: BonBon Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish (5.2oz)

Indulge in a Wild Surprise!

Indulge in the essence of Swedish summers with BonBon's Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish! Bursting with juicy sweetness, these candies will transport you to sun-drenched fields of wild strawberries. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike, these vegan treats are a delightful addition to any candy collection. Order now and experience the taste of Swedish bliss!

Key Features:

  • Vegan, gluten-free sour gummies made in Sweden
  • Infused with the essence of wild strawberries
  • A modern take on the classic Swedish Fish
  • Ideal gift for candy lovers of all ages
  • Generous 5.2oz package size with approximately 19 pieces per bag
  • Crafted with natural flavors and colors


Why Choose BonBon Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish: BonBon Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish offers a taste of Swedish tradition with its irresistible flavor and quality ingredients. Whether you're a fan of Swedish candy or simply love fruity sweets, these fish are sure to satisfy your cravings. Buy now and enjoy a delicious treat!

Shop Near You: Find BonBon Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish at any of Showcase's 150 stores near you or order online for convenient delivery. Don't miss out on this delicious Swedish candy!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are Swedish Fish?
A: Swedish Fish is a fish-shaped, chewy candy originally developed by Swedish candy producer Malaco in the late 1950s for the U.S. market.

Q: What is the story behind Swedish Fish?
A: It is thought that Malaco made the sweets fish-shaped because at the time Sweden had a thriving fishing industry, and everyone associated Sweden with fish!

Q: What is a fun fact about Swedish Fish?
A: Unlike most gummy candies, they don't contain gelatin. That means no animals are harmed in the making of this candy. So, in addition to being fat-free, Swedish Fish are also vegan. Everyone can enjoy them, which makes them the perfect treat for your school function, church event, or candy buffet.

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