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ZURU Snackles

Introducing the Zuru Snackles Collection, brought to you by the creators of Mini Brands. These Snackles come in a captivating blind capsule, revealing a delightful surprise inside. You'll discover plush companions that are not only super soft and ultra-squeezable but also paired with your favorite mini brands. Available in both Small (5") and Large (17") sizes, these plush Snackles provide the perfect cuddle buddy for all ages. But the fun doesn't stop there! Each Snackle comes complete with an origin story comic and stickers, adding an extra layer of excitement to your collection. Showcase, the Home of the Hottest Trends since 1994, is proud to bring you the Zuru Snackles Collection. With over 150 locations in major malls across Canada and the United States, you can trust us for all your Snackles needs. Buy Zuru Snackles online and enjoy the convenience of same-day Doordash delivery or choose our free shipping option via FedEx. Don't miss out on this adorable and huggable addition to your collection. Shop the Showcase Zuru Snackles Collection today and experience the joy of plush companions paired with your favorite mini brands!