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Quantum 2-Ply Cotton Kids Face Mask (Set of 3 Masks) | Ships Within 24 Hours
Quantum 2-Ply Cotton Kids Face Mask (Set of 3 Masks) | Ships Within 24 Hours
Quantum 2-Ply Cotton Kids Face Mask (Set of 3 Masks) | Ships Within 24 Hours
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  • Reusable face mask
  • 2-ply soft, combed cotton
  • Nose strip
  • Earloops with adjusters
  • Fully covers your airways
  • 3-pack = 3 masks in one order
  • Wear and wash again and again
  • Multiple colours and sizes for kids
  • Ideal for all-day wear in warmer temperatures
  • Natural, breathable cotton is soft on sensitive skin
  • To avoid shrinking, we recommend washing in cold water and air drying

An All-Day Face Mask? Don’t Sweat It!

The current reality is that you have to wear a face mask to heed the health recommendations and to protect yourself in social environments. We might be dealing with this pandemic a while longer so it makes sense to choose a face mask that you’re not going to dread wearing every day.

Let’s face it––they’re not all made equally. Some of them pinch, tuck, twist, slip or cling in the wrong areas. Or, they’re so stuffy they cause you to sweat mere minutes after putting it on. That’s because most of them are made from cheap fabrics or gauzy materials that are uncomfortable, suffocating, or are far too yielding, and they’re made to fit the same face. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

The Quantum 2-Ply Reusable Cotton Face Mask fits comfortably and securely with flexible cotton for easy breathing.

Double Up & Breathe Easy

There is no one-size-fits-all so we made Quantum 2-Ply Cotton Face Mask in 4 fit-right sizes for children and adults. Unlike other materials, cotton is hypo-allergenic, durable, and controls moisture by absorbing sweat. It’s also ideal for warmer weather because it moderates temperature. Cotton is naturally more breathable, which is why it’s so much more comfortable. But protecting yourself effectively is critical, so a double layer of cotton provides a better defense than 1-ply cotton or gauze replicas.

Quantum 2-Ply Cotton Face Mask is available in a rainbow of colours for kids! They’ll love swapping colours and coordinating with their clothes, or even colour-matching with a sibling or friend.

Mask-Up For Safe & Comfortable Protection

These are unprecedented times and no one is really used to wearing a face mask yet. It takes a couple of wears to feel comfortable in it, but the first and most critical step is ensuring your mask fits properly. Refer to our sizing guidelines below to determine what size is best for your child’s face.

Easy To Clean

Cotton washes and dries in a snap. Wear it a few times then throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Or, if you want to play it super safe, wear a fresh one every day for 3 days. When you buy one set, you’ll always have a couple handy while one is being washed.

Made For Children

The Quantum Face Mask is available in two sizes : S/M and L/XL. See the sizing guidelines below to determine the best fit for your child’s face. Colour options are abundant for kids to make them more fun to wear. They can match up their face mask with their t-shirt or favourite superhero suit! Offered in groups of three colors.

  • Green, dark grey, and blue
  • Pink, blue, and purple
  • Black, blue and grey

Big Savings

Bonus––save 5% when you buy 4 packs, 10% when you buy 20 packs, or our best deal––15% when you buy 100 packs.

One set includes 3 masks in 3 different colors.

Size Chart

Size Dimensions (including ear loops) Colors
S/M (ages 4-8) 4.3" x 9.8" Black, Blue, and Grey
S/M (ages 4-8) 4.3" x 9.8" Green, Dark Grey, And Blue
S/M (ages 4-8) 4.3" x 9.8" Pink, Blue, and Purple
L/XL (ages 9-14) 5" x 12" Black, Blue, and Grey
L/XL (ages 9-14) 5" x 12" Green, Dark Grey, And Blue
L/XL (ages 9-14) 5" x 12" Pink, Blue, and Purple
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