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FreezYums Freeze Dried Shark Gummy Candy (80g) | Pre-Order

FreezYums Freeze Dried Shark Gummy Candy (80g) | Pre-Order
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ABOUT: FreezYums Freeze Dried Shark Gummy Candy (80g) | Pre-Order

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🦈 Dive into the ultimate ocean-inspired snacking experience with FreezYums Freeze Dried Shark Gummies! As a proud addition to our innovative Freeze Dried Candy PL, these shark-themed treats bring the trendiest creature of the sea to your taste buds.

Join the frenzy of shark fanatics on social media with our latest creation – Freeze-dried shark gummies! Riding the wave of shark-related products like blankets, slippers, slides, and plush toys, these gummies complete your oceanic adventure with their delightful taste and unique texture.

What sets these shark gummies apart is their freeze-dried transformation from the classic blue and white shark gummies. Crunchy yet dissolvable, these mouth-watering treats create an unparalleled sensation as they melt away, leaving an explosion of delicious blueberry flavor in every bite.

Each pack contains 80g of these irresistible shark gummies, delivering a burst of tangy blueberry goodness. Whether you're a shark enthusiast or simply craving an adventurous snack, FreezYums Freeze Dried Shark Gummies are the perfect treat to savor and share!

Add a splash of excitement to your snacking routine and embark on a flavor-filled journey with these freeze-dried shark gummies – they're jawsome!

(1) Bag of Freeze Dried Blueberry Shark Gummy Candies NET WT. 2.82 oz. (80g).

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