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Gravity Blade 10.0 All Terrain 10" Wheel E-Scooter | Now With Replaceable Parts!
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Gravity Blade E-Scooter 10.0 Replacement Parts
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Gravity Blade, Hoverboards & Scooters

Introducing the Gravity Blade Collection at Showcase, your ultimate destination for electrifying fun on wheels! With our wide range of electric scooters and E-scooters, you can effortlessly zip around town in style. Whether you're a fan of hoverboards or scooters, we've got you covered. The best part? Our Gravity Blade scooters come with replaceable parts, ensuring a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your transportation needs. Featuring impressive 10-inch wheels, these all-terrain scooters are built for adventure and versatility, making them ideal for various terrains. Showcase, the Home of the Hottest Trends since 1994, offers a reliable and trusted shopping experience, with over 150 locations in major malls across Canada and the United States. Buy the Gravity Blade Collection online for the convenience of same-day Doordash delivery, or choose our free shipping option with FedEx. Elevate your ride with our electric scooters and E-scooters, and experience the thrill of cruising effortlessly through your city or exploring new destinations. Shop now to join the electric revolution!