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Deddy Bears Plush Collection
Deddy Bears 4.5" Collectable Mystery Mini Plush Clip Blind Bag (1pc)
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Deddy Bears Plush Collection

Introducing the Deddy Bears Collection, a delightful assortment of novelty "dead" teddy bears, exclusive to Showcase. These Showcase Exclusive bears include the likes of Zombozo Bear, Grin Reaper, Mystique, Smirk Kitty, and more, each with its own unique and eerie personality. Packaged in coffin-shaped boxes, these bears come complete with an Autopsy Report and Death Certificate, adding to their dark and intriguing appeal. Showcase, the Home of the Hottest Trends since 1994, boasts over 150 locations in major malls across Canada and the United States, ensuring a secure and reliable shopping experience. Purchase your Deddy Bears online and enjoy the convenience of same-day Doordash delivery or opt for our free shipping option with FedEx. Embrace the peculiar and eccentric with the Deddy Bears Collection. Shop now to add a touch of the macabre to your plush collection or surprise someone with a unique and unforgettable gift.