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Twist Swab Earwax Remover
Twist Swab Earwax Remover
Twist Swab Earwax Remover
Twist Swab Earwax Remover
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ABOUT: Twist Swab Earwax Remover

Remove Earwax With A Simple Twist

Although earwax can help protect the ear canal from dirt, bacteria, and bugs, too much earwax can lead to a blockage and possible hearing gloss. Cleaning the ears with normal cotton swabs can end up being pushed too far into the ear canal causing potential damage. The Twist Swab Earwax Remover is designed to only enter the ear canal as far as it fits -- simply place the soft spiral tip in your ear, twist the easy-grip handle in the direction of the arrow and remove. It's that easy!

The innovative spiral design works to extract earwax from the canal with a smile twist, and does so in a pain-free process. When used regularly and according to directions, this helps to prevent earwax buildup and to maintain a healthy ear canal. And since the soft tips are washable and reusable, you won't need to keep purchasing replacement tips, unlike cotton swabs that can only be used once then discarded. Suitable for everyone's ear hygiene, the Twist Swab also makes a unique gift for health-conscious friends and family.

Instructions & Important Tips

Using the Twist Swab Earwax Remover is easy and almost effortless. First, remove the handle from the included protective case, featuring a pre-loaded ear tip. Carefully insert the tool into the ear, without forcing the tip too far into the ear canal. To collect ear wax, twist the tip into the direction of the arrow on the handle. Important: For safety, DO NOT twist in the other direction, or twist the tip back and forth. Also, do not use this product while moving; make sure you are standing or sitting in one place. Then, when not in use, simply store the handle in the protective case, which is also great for travel.

Before reusing any of the spiral tips, be sure to clean, disinfect, and dry them thoroughly. The handle can be cleaned with dry soapy water but should be dried completely before starting the cleaning process. If you want to replace the tip, it's easy and touch-free, so no need to worry if you feel you've used the same tip too many times. Start with pressing on both sides of the tip and push forward until the tip is released. Take one of the included extra tips (the package comes with 16), then line up the slots on the tip with the grooves in the top of the handle. Push down firmly to lock the two together and you're ready to swab!

Safety Warnings

Do not use the Twist Swab on children under age 12 or on individuals who have ear tubes. Also do not use it if you experience any pain, discomfort, hearing loss, pressure, or bleeding. Consult the packaging for more important information about using the earwax remover if you are suffering from a number of specific ear-related conditions or injuries.

Do not force the tool into the ear, and only use it in the outer ear canal. Any earwax that may be impacted should be removed by a physician. Avoid serious injury by ensuring you only turn the handle in the direction of the arrow.


  • Easy to use
  • Pain-free
  • Washable & reusable
  • Safe & comfortable
  • Portable for travel or everyday use
  • Perfect for the whole family
  • Includes 16 tips & protective storage case
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