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Omega XL
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Unique Omega-3 Complex Contains up to 22 Times More Free Fatty Acids Than Regular Fish Oil.

Omega XL® is a highly concentrated Omega-3 “Super Oil” supplement extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus). This unique and patented omega-3 complex contains 30 healthy fatty acids, including omega-3 DHA and EPA, and contains up to 22 times more omega-3 Free Fatty Acids than regular fish oil. The Patented lipid extract found in Omega XL has been the subject of 30 years of multiple published clinical studies that demonstrate reduced joint pain associated with inflammation and inflammatory conditions and is shown to be safe for people with allergies to shellfish because all proteins have been removed.

 Why Omega XL is Better Than Standard Fish Oil?

Unlike many fish oils, Omega XL clearly identifies its source of origin…which is important when placing a supplement in your body. Omega XL is sourced from the Green Lipped Mussel from the pristine waters of New Zealand, recognized to be among the cleanest waters on earth. Omega XL has over 30 years of research behind it and boasts over 30 clinical studies on our omega- 3 fatty acid complex. Unfortunately, there are many imitators who will claim that the clinical studies done on the Green Lipped Mussel support their product. Rest assured– the studies that we refer to are our studies conducted on OUR PATENTED OIL MARINE COMPLEX, PCSO-524. Do not be fooled by the imitators!

Unlike the large and ‘fishy’ tasting fish oil capsules, Omega XL is served in a small, easy to swallow gel capsule, with no aftertaste. Omega XL is all-natural, 100% safe and is the one supplement you should be taking to lead a healthier and active life.


  • Anti-inflammation and pain relief
  • Increases joint health and mobility
  • Improved respiratory health
  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Supports healthy Cholesterol levels
  • Helps to normalize blood pressure
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