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Dream Away weighted blankets are specially designed to provide you with the BEST quality premium weighted blanket on the market! Made with glass beads, this blanket offers a high-quality, safe, and cooling sensation unlike plastic beads. This detail allows for all-year-round use! 

Our EXCLUSIVE aromatherapy pocket and 5 essential oil pads work with your favorite Esencia essential oils for the ultimate relaxation experience! Get lost in the scent of lavender or orange while you snuggle up with this dreamy blanket. Or relax and breath comfortably with a dash of Eucalyptus oil! These new Dream Away blankets are completely customizable unlike ANY other blanket!

Dense quilting keeps the beads evenly distributed across the blanket, preventing lumps and discomfort.  Our soft-tie system connects easily to one of our high-quality Dream Away covers, and eliminates slipping and shifting.