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Dr. Ho's® Gel Pads | Large | 1 Pair
Dr. Ho's® Gel Pads | Large | 1 Pair
Dr. Ho's® Gel Pads | Large | 1 Pair
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ABOUT: Dr. Ho's® Gel Pads | Large | 1 Pair

Large Pads For Large Muscle Groups

Dr. Ho's® Large Gel Pads are the ideal replacement pad for achieving a deeper penetrating and more soothing massage. The extra deep relaxation effects are idea for large muscle areas to help relieve muscle tension, numbness, and pain.

High-Quality & Reusable!

These long-lasting and super conductive gel pads are specially designed to maximize the effects of your Pain Therapy System. Most importantly, these pads are hypoallergenic and can be used 70-100 times! Designed with a cloth backing, these pads adhere securely to muscles during a therapy session.

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Great For Shoulder Pain

Dr. Ho's® Large Gel Pads can be placed on the shoulder and rotator cuff region to help alleviate shoulder pain caused by bad posture, sports, or injury. The large gel pads cover an increased surface area to provide effective temporary pain relief as well as muscle tightness and soreness relief.

Ideal For Leg Pain

Suffering from frequent pain and numbness in your legs? The large gel pads provide a more intensive session for leg pain with the ability to cover large areas of both the thigh and leg.

Effective For Wrist & Arm Pain

If you're feeling pain, numbness, or soreness in the upper and lower arm region, the Dr. Ho's® Large Gel Pads can help to relieve your symptoms quickly and effectively. With many different placement opportunities, the large gel pads provide relief for your whole arm. These pads are ideal for office workers, mechanics, teachers, nurses, or anyone experiencing frequent wrist and arm discomfort. 

A Dr. Ho's® T.E.N.S unit is required for operation. Can be used with Dr. Ho's® Pain Therapy System, Pain Therapy System Pro or Pain Therapy System 2-Pad. T.E.N.S unit sold separately here.

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