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Hot Ones®
Hot Ones®
Hot Ones®
Hot Ones®
Hot Ones®
Hot Ones®
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Hot Ones®
Hot Ones®
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ABOUT: Hot Ones® "Truth Or Dab" Hot Sauce Party Game (Includes Sauce!) As Seen On Youtube


Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game!

It’s your chance to be in the hot seat: answer deeply personal and potentially awkward questions or face the Last Dab. Play Hot One’s Truth Or Dab the game with the official Last Dab hot sauce, with a 10/10 heat level, and a 2,000,000 scoville rating.

Put your friends on blast and burn bridges with Hot Ones Truth or Dab: The Game! You’ll battle your way through friend trivia, get roasted, and tell hard truths.

With 250 cards worth of cringe-worthy questions, answering may be less painful than suffering through a spoonful of the hottest sauce on Hot Ones: The Last Dab. Put your buds (and taste buds) on blast while living the Hot Ones tradition - if you dare!

1.4 Billion views on Tiktok!

Card Types

Truth Cards  These awkward questions will pit players against each other and burn bridges as contestants debate whether to tell the truth or dive into spice-villa!

Roast Cards  Reader to hear what your friends really think about you? For these cards, you don’t answer the question. Instead, you have a choice: take a dab, or let all players roast you on whatever subject is written on the card.

Pop Quiz Cards  These cards will test your trivia knowledge. Each card has three questions. Get one answer wrong, and you’ll be on a one way ticket to spice town.

BFF Trivia Cards  These cards will test how well you REALLY know your so-called “BFFs”. Each contestant must answer one question about all players. To be fair, if you just met another player within the last year, you don’t have to answer the question about that player.

One-Up Cards  After each round is over, all players must try to one-up each other by answering the One-Up question. This is a dog-eat-dog mechanic and creates some of the funniest moments of the game. Get ready to spill some hilariously embarrassing memories, and make it count. Because the lamest answer of the group will have to face the wrath of the Last Dab.

      Game Details

      • Players:  3-6
      • Playing time:  30-90 minutes
      • Recommended Age:  17 years & up
      • Included for your spicy amusement:
        250 x Total Cards
        (Breakdown: 150 Truth Cards, 34 Roast Cards, 25 Pop Quiz Cards, 10 Bff Trivia Cards And 31 One Up Cards
        1 x Bottle of the Last Dab hot sauce (50mL)
        8 x Tasting Spoons
        1 x Instruction Manual
      • Not included:  Wings (optional, but a good excuse to order some up)

         "The Last Dab" Hot Sauce

        The official sauce from the show, made from one of the hottest peppers on the planet, Pepper X. Pepper X was created by infamous chili breeder Smokin’ Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Co in 2017. The heat profile of this pepper is akin to having your head slowly lit aflame. You feel the fire consume your entire skull, your tongue smolders, burning tears pour from your eyes. And then, five minutes later, the ride is over, your heart rate returns to normal, the panic subsides. The pepper takes three forms in this sauce: fresh peppers, dried peppers, and distilled pepper oil (made using CO2 extraction, similar to how the highest quality essential oils are made).
        Ingredients: Pepper X, distilled vinegar, turmeric, coriander, cumin, dry mustard.

        • Heat Rating: 11/10 !!
        • Net Weight: 50 mL / 1.69 fl. oz.
        • Manufactured by Heatonist
        • All Natural Ingredients 
        • Vegan & Gluten-Free
        • Made in the USA
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