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WeatherTech® CupFone™
WeatherTech® CupFone™
WeatherTech® CupFone™
WeatherTech® CupFone™
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Enjoy Your Travels Hands-FREE!

CupFone™ is a cell phone holder that sits conveniently in your vehicle’s cup-holders, keeping your device accessible and visible while you're on the road! Great for use in cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, and golf carts, CupFone™ keeps you safe and hands-free no matter where you go! Designed with only the finest materials, this cell phone holder was made to fit perfectly and securely into almost any cup-holder keeping your mobile device near by. With CupFone™ you'll never have to bother with annoying adhesive phone holders that ruin your car or vent holders that never seem to stay up. CupFone™ is the ideal gift for commuters, travelers, students, car/boat owners, truckers, and more!

The CupFone™ adjustable phone holder fits almost all known current mobile phones, including those with normal sized protective cases. Fully adjustable tilt and rotation allows you to easily see and access your favorite apps. CupFone™ makes hands free voice commands easy to use along with hands free phone calls. CupFone™ allows you to leave your phone plugged in while it is in the holder, and you can effortlessly remove your phone from the holder or replace it without ever having to disconnect your charging cord. 

CupFone™ is super easy to install! See here for installation. 

Product Highlights

  • Designed using interchangeable base cups allowing you to customize the perfect snug fit.

  • Take it with you on the golf course! CupFone™ doesn’t just fit automotive vehicles, it can also be adjusted to fit recreational vehicles too! Great for use in boats, golf carts and more!

  • Base allows phone to rotate 360°, adjustable for viewing from any seat position.

  • Phone holder tilts with full range of motion to allow proper angle of microphone and speakers. Knob tightens easily and securely locks position.

  • Can fit devices that measure between 2 3/8" to 3 3/8" wide and 9/16" deep

  • Open access bottom lets you easily charge your mobile device and/ use aux cords while it is in place.


Does CupFone™ come in different sizes?

CupFone™ uses multiple sized, tapered friction cups that can be changed to get the perfect size fit in any automotive cup holder.

Can CupFone™ fit a GPS unit?

CupFone™ will fit devices that measure between 2 ⅜" to 3 ⅜" wide and 9/16" deep. If your device is larger than those dimensions it will not fit securely.

What’s the best way to clean CupFone™?

CupFone™ can be wiped off with a damp rag or towel for a quick clean. For heavier messes use dish soap with some warm water and a gently brush.

What phones will fit with CupFone™?

CupFone™ was designed to comfortably fit almost every major brand and model of cell phones such as: iPhone XS/XS Max/8/8 Plus/6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/Note8/Note9, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, GPS.

What is the height range from fully lowered to fully extended?

The extension piece will slide/travel up/down 3.25 inches.

What is the installation time required to install the extension on my original CupFone?

Approximately 1 minute.

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