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VCON Light Video Conferencing Light
VCON Light Video Conferencing Light
VCON Light Video Conferencing Light
VCON Light Video Conferencing Light
VCON Light Video Conferencing Light
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Video Conferencing Done Right

In today's society, remote work and remote education are becoming increasingly popular. Not only for safety and social distancing, but for companies to save money, increase morale, and ensure flexibility for their staff members if they can't physically be in the office. When you are remote and need to attend a video conference or meeting, ensure you are seen clearly by using the VCON Light. This video conferencing light adds the perfect brightness to your face when you are onscreen, especially in darker or low-light settings.

The VCON Light features a built-in frosted lens that allows you to soften the light and experience professional effects whenever you are on a call. You can control the brightness to get the ideal lighting for the setting you are in, whether at home, in the office, or on the road such as a hotel room traveling for business. The light color can be adjusted from warm to cool, between 2500K-6500K, to get the perfect skin tones. You can also adjust the angles up to a full 360° to avoid unflattering glares and keep total control of your onscreen appearance.

Easy to Install & Easy to Use

The VCON Video Conferencing Light is a snap to install. Just place it on the powerful suction cup mount and it will gently and securely attach itself to your laptop or computer monitor. The light is fully portable and functions wirelessly so you can take it on the road or from room to room. It comes with a fully rechargeable battery and can provide light for up to 10 hours straight on a full charge. You can extend the usage even more by plugging the light into a USB port on your laptop or into an external power source.

To make using the VCON Light even easier, it has battery indicator lights and dials to control the temperature and brightness. The readable LCD display shows all you need to know, including battery time in minutes, the brightness level, and the color temperature. You'll know exactly which settings will give you better lighting for that next online meeting or conference call.

This video conferencing light also makes a great gift for any professional, a student, or even for grandparents and parents. In addition to helping at work, school, or with social media posts, it's also perfect for helping older people cope with the newer experience of video conferencing, emitting enough light to be sure they are seen when speaking with family and friends. If you're joining an online meeting, ensure you always look your best with the VCON Video Conferencing Light!


  • Be seen clearly in all video scenarios
  • Adds the perfect brightness to your face
  • Up to 10 hours of wireless use
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Adjustable up to 360°
  • 2500K-6500K Color Temperature
  • Easy to Install
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Brightness: 850Lux
  • Size: 70 x 85 x 25mm / 2.75" x 3.34" x 0.98"
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