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Tummy Tuck® Miracle Slimming System | For Men & Women
Tummy Tuck® Miracle Slimming System | For Men & Women
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The Revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt!

The Tummy Tuck® Miracle Slimming System is the best and easiest way to slim down without having to make a drastic change to your lifestyle! Simply follow the 10-minute Tummy Tuck® method to slim away the appearance of belly fat. Combine with the Tummy Tuck® diet and exercise program, and you'll see results FAST! Designed to be used by both men and women, Tummy Tuck® is a great way to enhance your lifestyle or simply slim down for that much-anticipated date, wedding, or special event. 

Sogt and Flexible Space Age Material

Designed with soft, flexible material, Tummy Tuck® provides comfortable compression that pulls your midsection inward. Wear it underneath your clothing, for an instant slenderizing look, or follow the 10-minute Tummy Tuck® method and every day you'll gradually see results!

Other slimming garments squeeze and suffocate you. How can you possibly enjoy your date night when you can't even breathe, right? Tummy Tuck® is designed with a special band that holds everything in place while still being able to breathe and eat! 

Tummy Tuck® Works Around Your Lifestyle!

Easy to use, the Tummy Tuck® instructional video walks you step-by-step on how to use the Tummy Tuck® system, including a 2 minute standing abdominal Tummy Tightener series of exercises. Develop your skills & incorporate these exercises into your daily routine!

In addition, you'll receive the Tummy Tuck® Quick Start "You Choose How To Use It" guide. This guide allows YOU to choose how you want to benefit from the system - do you want instant slimming? Keep your lifestyle with no added exercise? Combine with your current exercise program? Whichever program you choose, you'll be slimming in no time!

BONUS cream included is formulated with patented technology and is specially formulated to slim down your midsection. Apply the cream at the start of each 10 minutes Tummy Tuck® session, and watch your results accelerate! 

Finding The Right Fit

The Tummy Tuck® Miracle Slimming System is designed to fit both men and women. Divided into 3 unisex sizing groups, you can choose easily select the ideal sizing for you. The below sizing is based on your waist/pant size. It is important to find the right size to receive the full benefits of the system. 


Size 1 = 33" or less

Size 2 = 34" - 39"

Size 3 = 40"+


Size 1 = size 10 or less

Size 2 = size 12-16

Size 3 = size 16+

Includes (1) Tummy Tuck® belt & band, (1) DVD, (1) Quick Start guide, (1) Accelerator cream. 

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