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Toasty Paws | USB Hand Warmers
Toasty Paws | USB Hand Warmers
Toasty Paws | USB Hand Warmers
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The Cutest Way To Stay Toasty Warm!

Charming as well as useful, Toasty Paws are the perfect way to keep toasty warm at home, the office, school, airport, hotel, bus stops, or on the road! Typing, writing, or doing anything while your hands are freezing cold is practically impossible to manage. You're shaking and focused on the cold when you could be living in toasty warm comfort. Figuring there must be a better way, we discovered these irresistibly cute hand warmers you can take with you anywhere you go! 

USB powered and delightfully delicious looking, our Toasty Paws are 2019's trendiest way to keep warm, and look cute doing it! Toasty Paws are a funny yet unique gift idea enjoyed by all ages including college students, office workers, children, grandparents, or anyone dreading the cold-hand season that's fast approaching. 

Designed with ultra-plush material, these super cute hand warmers are comfortable and flexible enough to wear all day long. The flexible wrist straps and fingerless hand pockets, enable you to type, write, text, and flip through your favorite novel with ease.

Product Highlights

  • USB powered through a laptop, PC or any USB enabled device

  • Includes (2) warmers for each hand in the shape of plushie slices of toast with adorable emoji expression

  • Flexible straps - one size fits most.

  • Open pocket for ease of typing, writing, and basic mobility allowing for all-day use.

  • Not recommended for children under 6 years old.

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