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The Pink Stuff: Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner (750ml)
The Pink Stuff: Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner (750ml)
The Pink Stuff: Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner (750ml)
The Pink Stuff: Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner (750ml)
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Make Your Home Sparkle and Shine!

Do you struggle with removing dirt in your bathroom? Say no more — The Pink Stuff's Miracle Bathroom Foam is here for you! With a non-drip formula that helps to penetrate and remove dirt on all of the hard surfaces in your bathroom, this cleaner could effortlessly tackle limescale and other grime, leaving your bathroom a sparkling, streak-free shine!

Good cleaning products are the tips and prerequisites to the success of a cleaning job. The Pink Stuff's got you covered with everything you need to make your home clean and shine. Each bottle of The Pink Stuff's Bathroom Foam holds 750 mL of cleaning miracle. Anything that makes it this easy to clean is the "stuff" that a homeowner's dreams are made of! 

The Stuff That's Trending on Social Media

The Pink Stuff's Bathroom Foam, along with the rest of the line, is trending daily with most users adding the tag #thepinkstuff and other cleaning-related or household hashtags. You can watch video reviews of the cleaning product where people scrub grease off of countertops, grime from bathroom fixtures, gook from the interior of ovens, and more tough cleaning problems. First appearing in the United Kingdom, this all-purpose cleaning product is extremely popular not only on social media, but with households all over the world!


The Pink Stuff's vegan formula consists of the following ingredients: Quartz, Aqua, Soap, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycerin, Parfum, Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine, Acid Red 52, Dimethicone.


  • 750 ml container
  • Cleaning paste made from vegan formula
  • Non-toxic
  • Great for cleaning grease and grime
  • Makes it easy to clean in the home!
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