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Tetra Tower: Stackable Multiplayer Game
Tetra Tower: Stackable Multiplayer Game
Tetra Tower: Stackable Multiplayer Game
Tetra Tower: Stackable Multiplayer Game
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Can You Keep The Balance?

Introducing the Tetra Tower set! A simple and fun game of stacking building blocks that can help develop imagination, creativity and thinking skills. With a built-in challenge, the Tetra Tower building blocks are sure to keep kids and adults interested for hours. This set offers a distinctive design, which provides a whole new experience with each block in the way it looks at things from different angles. The blocks can be used individually or stacked on top of each other. Or connect them together by placing their connectors in the holes on the base for a more challenging variation!

How to Play: 

  • Set up the base by placing the rocking tower on the plate
  • Each player selects a card when it is their turn and stacks the piece that corresponds to the card drawn
  • Keep stacking as high as you can go
  • Once the bricks topple, the game is over and you can start again!
  • There are four fun cards to help keep the game interesting:
    • 1. Photo of a brick - place this piece on the tower
    • 2. Pull two more cards - this means you get two additional turns in a row, careful you don't topple the tower!
    • 3. Reverse order - this switches the game up by changing the order of who goes next
    • 4. Pull a piece - this allows the player to remove a piece from the tower

NOTE: For younger players, you can play the game without the cards, simply select a brick and stack as you like


Product Specifications

  • Stackable Tetra Game
  • Create viral social media content
  • 2+ players can enjoy the game
  • Includes:
    • 32 x Bricks
    • 22 x Game Cards
    • 1 x Rocking Base
    • 1 x Base
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