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TENS Conductive Compression Elbow Sleeves | Compatible With Dr. Ho®
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Suffering from tennis elbow, repetitive strain or generalized elbow pain? Conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more affect a large number of people. Some don't even know they have it. The TENS Conductive Compression Elbow Sleeves uses a proven treatment method to help you combat your aches and pains using electrotherapy stimulation. Compatible with Dr. Ho' and other leading TENS/EMS machines. Say no to pain, and say yes to relaxation and going pain-free.

To use, simply:

Note: Two electrodes must be connected at once in order to feel the stimulation. Able to relieve 2 pain points at the same time.

Caution: when removing wire snaps from the garment, use a gentle tug to avoid tearing the fabric.


Choose the smallest size possible for optimal compression and conductivity.

Instructions for measurements: Measure the circumference of the arm, 5" (13cm) above the elbow joint on or near bicep. SIze up for comfort if you fall between two sizes.

 Sleeve Sizing

S-M: 8.5 - 11 IN

L-XL: 12.5 -15 IN

  • Consult your physician before using this product
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Don't use if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or are under a physician's care
  • Use safety precautions as per TENS/EMS device instruction manual


  • Two sizes to fit most hand sizes
  • Targets areas that adhesive pads can't stick to
  • Suitable for use in-home
  • Treats a broader area than other designs
  • Promotes excellent blood circulation
  • Reduces pain and swelling

Includes (1) TENS Conductive Compression Sleeve.

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