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Trivia: Tarot Reading Cards
Trivia: Tarot Reading Cards
Trivia: Tarot Reading Cards
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Begin Your Journey of Self-Discovery!


Do you have a big life decision to make? Have you always wondered what your future holds? Unlock the secrets in your future with these designed tarot cards and see what your reading might reveal.
  • Includes (1) Tarot Card Deck
  • 80 cards depicting The Fool's Journey
  • Learn to read your fortune in this deck! đź”®
  • This ancient method of divination has been used for centuries to tell the future and as a method of entertainment!
  • A fun gift for your crystal-toting, meditation-loving friends!
  • Box measures approximately 3.5" x 1.5" x 6"
  • Made in the UK

What Is Tarot Divination?

"From an introduction as medieval playing cards to its continued popularity in contemporary spirituality, a deck of tarot cards has been a powerful tool to help its practitioners navigate their daily life and the future. You don’t have to be especially spiritual or spooky to get into tarot, it’s illustrations and symbols are meant to be taken as advice to help steer you to your ~higher plane~.

A Tarot deck comes with with four suits and two arcanas–the major and minor. The suits includes Wands, Coins (other times called disks or pentacles), Swords, and Cups–each suit represented a different energy or realm of one’s life. For example, Wands typically symbolizes consciousness and is associated with the earth element of fire, whereas Cups are related to your emotions and the element of water (cups, get it?). The major arcana (meaning “greater secrets”) often called trump cards (no relation) and minor arcana (meaning, “lesser secrets”) feature characters and iconic elements such as The Sun, The Fool, or The High Priestess and each one of them lend their insight and personalities to help the tarot reader understand what they pulled."


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