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SmartFoot Bunion Corrector
SmartFoot Bunion Corrector

SmartFoot Bunion Corrector

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Medical Grade Adjustable Bunion Toe Splint

The SmartFoot Bunion Corrector is a 3-in-1 support that provides around the clock support to alleviate bunion pain, and provides bunion protection and correction. The adjustable toe strap and hinge realigns the big toe, helping straighten the toe while alleviating pain. The padded hinge splint has a soft foam cushion to protect irritated tissue and distribute pressure; all while providing corrective support. The SmartFoot Bunion Corrector can be worn on either the left or right foot, and is well suited for daytime use in shoes as well as for night time while sleeping.


  • Provides relief from foot pain due to bunions
  • Helps guide the toe to a correct natural position to correct bunions
  • Curved dual strapping system stabilizes the arch of the foot
  • Soft foam foot cushion protects sensitive tissues
  • Flexible hinge maintains foot mobility
  • Recommended for wear without shoes, preferable indoors in the evening
  • Works on both feet, one size fits most
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