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Shine Armor | As Seen On TV
Shine Armor | As Seen On TV
Shine Armor | As Seen On TV
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The Fast & Easy Way To Make Your Car Look Brand New

It‘s simple, just spray Shine Armor on and rub it in! Your car is instantly protected! Everything just slides right off. No more time wasted buffing or rubbing, to get that showroom shine! Just spray on Shine Armor and you‘ll be protected in no time! You‘ll see the difference right away!

The secret is Shine Armor‘s Hydro-Ceramic Coating that fills up those tiny microscopic cracks and crevices and leaves a smooth, protective coating. Shine Armor's water-based formula is safe on all surfaces, even the most exotic of cars! Plus, Shine Armor is hydrophobic and repels water!

Use Shine Armor all over your car! Use it on your trim, keep your chrome gleaming, make your rims sparkling and shiny, and it‘s even great for the windshield and mirrors, too! Shine Armor is the best for protecting motorcycles, helmets, and even leather. A must have for all cars, trucks, boats, and so much more!

Shine Armor renews, restores, and protects... So your car stays looking new day after day! Made in the USA.


  • Fast & easy application - simply spray on and see results in minutes
  • Super slick & glossy finish - car looks like new & it's great for easy cleaning
  • Fills in every scratch & imperfection to create a protective barrier
  • Hydrophobic - repels water & other harmful elements
  • Safe for use on all surfaces - paint, glass, metal, plastic & more
  • Long lasting results - lasts 20x longer than traditional wax
  • Also great for trim, bumpers, wheels, tires, leather and more
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