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Roblox CRS DEVSeries Mystery Figures Series 1
Roblox CRS DEVSeries Mystery Figures Series 1
$2.99 Ships By FedEx From Toronto

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ABOUT: Roblox CRS DEVSeries Mystery Figures Series 1

Unleash Your Gaming Passion!

Introducing Roblox CRS DEVSeries Mystery Figures Series 1, the perfect way to showcase your favorite game characters! Developed in partnership with the creators of the most popular user-generated content in online gaming, this collection features unique figurines based on assorted characters from Roblox DevSeries.

Each figure is meticulously designed with incredible details from the games, capturing the essence of these beloved characters. But that's not all - every figure includes an Exclusive Virtual Item Code that unlocks a special accessory for your Roblox avatar, adding a personalized touch to your gaming experience.

With 12 DevSeries Collector Figurines to collect, you can proudly display your admiration for the game developers behind Roblox. This officially licensed product is a must-have for any Roblox enthusiast.

Please note that the mystery box ships with character assortment, meaning you will receive one of the following figures: Brookhaven: Officer, Brookhaven: Doctor, Brookhaven: Cowboy, Jailbreak: Inmate, Jailbreak: SWAT Boss, Jailbreak: Corporate Bailout, Arsenal: Pirate, Arsenal: Mobster, Hide & Seek Extreme: Emma, Hide & Seek Extreme: Jake, Ninja Legends: Master Sensei, or Ninja Legends: Assassin. It's a surprise every time!

What makes these figures even more special is that each one comes with an exclusive in-game DLC virtual code. Unlock additional content and enhance your gameplay with these unique codes, giving you an edge in the virtual world of Roblox.

Get ready to embark on a collectible adventure with Roblox CRS DEVSeries Mystery Figures Series 1. Order yours now and bring the excitement of Roblox into the real world!

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