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Reading Neck Light
Reading Neck Light
Reading Neck Light
Reading Neck Light
Reading Neck Light
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Shine A Light Wherever You Need It

From reading to running, you'll have all the light you need! The versatile and durable Reading Neck Light does more than just help you read. Consisting of 4 long-lasting LED lights, this handy gadget includes two LEDs in each arm. There's a spotlight LED and a wide-angle LED, each with adjustable levels of brightness. You can shine a light while reading in bed or sitting quietly if you're running or walking outside in the dark, and while doing crafts or repair work around the house. Anywhere you need more light, whether to see or for safety, this awesome appliance does the job!

Super comfortable and super flexible, the one-size-fits-all Reading Neck Light has a soft rubber grip neck pad that rests easy on your neck and body. The strong yet flexible arms help to bend the light in any direction you need it to shine, and they're covered in foam rubber for extra safety and comfort. Plus, the LEDs shine an eye-friendly blue light that won't flicker so it's safe for all ages to use, including children.

The Only Reading Light You'll Ever Need!

With three adjustable light settings on each arm, you can choose just how much light you want, depending on what setting you are in. Select the Spotlight LED for a focused beam, or the Wide-angle lamp for more coverage. For optimal brightness, the Dual setting does it all, if you're reading, looking at something in the dark, or even replacing a tire at night in an emergency.

The Reading Neck Light comes with impressive 10-hour battery life, so there's no reason to stress about the lights going out if you're in a hurry. You can easily recharge the wireless light in only 2.5 hours to full capacity by plugging the included charging cable into a USB port or adapter (not included). The completely hands-free operation allows for you to wear it on the neck, wrap it around the wrist, or hang it on a hook to help with visibility in low-light situations.

This multi-purpose marvel can be used at home, in the car, at the office, or even when you travel. Wrap the bend the light to nearly any angle depending if you're sitting, standing, or exercising. The main use would be for reading, especially in bed, where you can comfortably place the light on your neck so you can use both hands to hold your book or magazine. Plus, with the adjustable brightness levels, you can keep the lights dim enough to not disturb your partner.


  • 4 LEDs total (2 per arm)
  • Light-level control
  • Soft rubber grip neck pad
  • Foam rubber covered wire arms
  • USB-powered rechargeable battery for longer use
  • Stereo light
  • Available in black or white
  • One size fits all
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