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Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop (3.3lbs)

Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop (3.3lbs)
Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop (3.3lbs)
Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop (3.3lbs)
Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop (3.3lbs)
Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop (3.3lbs)
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Quantum™ HOOP Health

Get Fit with Weighted Hooping Fun!

Make your workouts more fun and more unique with the Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop. Hooping workouts help to maximize weight loss and improve overall results. The hoop weighs 3.3 lbs without any additional fill and will provide simple, efficient and vigorous exercise that will have you moving in no time. Your natural body motion while hooping with a weighted hoop helps to burn calories, promote fat burning, slim your waistline, and shape your arms and legs.

For a more challenging regimen, try increasing the resistance and intensity of the hooping workout by adding more weight to the hoop. You can fill the tubes with sand, rice, pebbles, and more to increase the weight and add power and precision to your program. The Exercise Hoop helps to keep you in shape, feeling good and looking good in no time at all!

The Hoop That Does It All

The Quantum™ Weighted Exercise Hoop is the perfect exercise companion for yoga workouts, outdoor activities, the beach, the gym, travel, and more! The smooth design of the hoop makes for a comfortable workout as it also works to help tone your abs and obliques. Weighted hoop workouts also help to increase blood circulation, flexibility and improve core balance and stability, as well as improve your overall posture. Suitable for adults and children, it also makes a great gift for your favorite fitness buff or a physical therapist.

Easy To Assemble & Add Extra Weight

Assembling the Weighted Exercise Hoop is super easy. To put the hoop together, start by aligning the ends of the sections you want to start with. Press the button on the end and align with the hole of the other section. Push the sections together until you hear a click, then make sure the connection is solid so the sections don't fall apart while you are exercising. Repeat the process until all the sections are together and you're ready to hoop it up!

You can even add additional weight to increase resistance while working out. To increase the weight, fill the tubes with such material as sand, rice, beans, steel balls, or pebbles. Start by placing one end of the first hoop section with one of the included plugs. Next, fill the open end with your choice of fill and place a plug in the filled end. Do be careful to push the plug completely in, while making sure the string is still visible so you can remove the plug more easily later. Fill each hoop section in turn using the same method, then attach each section together, following the assembly instructions above.


  • Adjustable weight (Hoop weighs 3.3lbs without additional fill)
  • Foam padded for comfort; no harmful ridges or bumps
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detachable for portability
  • Includes 8 Hoop Sections for 1 Assembled Exercise Hoop, plus 8 Plugs
  • Size: Outer diameter measures 93cm / 36.6"; Inner diameter measures 86cm / 33.8"
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