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Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
Quantum™ Push Up Posture Corrector - On Sale Now!
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A Push-Up Posture Corrector Made JUST for Women, To Help Eliminate Slouch, Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, While Comfortably Fitting Under a Bra

Finally, a Posture Corrector Just for Women

The Quantum Push-Up Posture Corrector is a comfortable, wearable posture correction harness made specifically for women. Unlike ‘unisex’ posture correctors that cut into the bra line of women, the Quantum Push-Up corrector is ergonomically designed to snugly and comfortably fit under the bra, providing an added push-up effect in addition to healthy spinal realignment.

Why Women Need Posture Correction?

If you are a woman who slouches your shoulders and have your upper and middle back leaning towards the front, it is vital that you fix your posture as soon as possible. Bad posture affects women more than men because their busts add extra strain to their back, even when they maintain good posture. Bad posture in women therefore has a much higher chance of causing various problems like frozen shoulder, neck pain, disc bulge, limited range of motion and upper, middle or lower back pain. Bad posture also obviously affects a woman’s body language, making her look unconfident and frail.

How Quantum Push-Up Posture Corrector Corrects a Woman’s Posture?

The Quantum Push-Up Posture Corrector is available in many sizes, sized according to a woman’s bust much like bra sizes. Using a crisscross design, an anchor strap snugly becomes the base of the posture corrector, under a woman’s bra line. When the shoulder straps are adjusted, women will automatically feel their shoulders pulled back, with the back taking a natural and healthy ‘S’ shape.

Women-Specific Posture Correction. Comfortable, Efficient & Long Lasting Effects

Made for women

Designed to comfortably fit under bra line

Fully adjustable

Available in many sizes, suitable for all bust sizes

Healthy posture

Pulls shoulders back and restores a natural ‘s’ shape for the spine


Trains women into permanently adopting perfect posture

Bonus Benefit!

Provides an added ‘push-up’ effect

Easy Posture Correction, for Many Hours a Day

If you want any chance of permanently correcting your posture, you need to practice consistency with your posture correction. You can remind yourself to stand or sit up straight but your body subconsciously goes back to a slouch that it is so familiar with, when you lose focus.

The Quantum Push-Up Posture Corrector gives you the constant physical stimuli to maintain good posture. Because it is comfortable and can be worn for several hours in a day, your body is trained into permanently adopting a great posture, for life, after repeated use.

  • Subconscious posture correction
  • Hours and hours of posture correction training
  • Eventual permanent adoption of good posture

Women can Feel Different. Women can Look Different

When you correct your posture with the Quantum Push-Up Corrector, your body finally has a chance to reverse all the ill effects of bad posture. Blood circulates better through your back, neck and shoulders. Disc pressure is relieved. Nerve pinches are released. You look taller. You look more confident.

In just a matter of days, you will feel both physiological and emotional benefits of having great posture. People will notice and compliment you as well!

The 4 Sizes are:

Measurements Small Medium Large Extra Large
Inches 21-24 24-28 29-33 33-36
Cm 55-65 66-75 75-84 84-93
Posture Corrector Made Just for Women
Available for women of all bust sizes
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