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Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
Quantum Discreet Posture Reminder
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Never Slouch Again

Improve your posture in just 30 days with the incredible, innovative Quantum Perfect Pose Posture Reminder that keeps your spine in line. Its intelligent feedback system discourages slouching and promotes a healthy back and shoulders. If you sit or stand for long periods, this tiny device will save your back––and your health.

Quantum Perfect Pose Posture Reminder

The Surprising Health Dangers Of Poor Posture

Did you know that strong core muscles promote a trimmer belly and help support the entire body? One of the reasons your core may be weak is because your posture is off. It happens to all of us. You settle into a comfortable position as you focus on work or watch television and then realize that your shoulders slouch forward and your lower back starts to ache. Your posture is one of the most critical aspects of a healthy body. Poor posture can cause spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, nerve damage, rounded shoulders, and a potbelly. But when you get focused, remembering to sit up straight isn’t your priority. Now it doesn’t have to be.

Perfect Your Posture & Boost Your Confidence

Take a minute and sit up straight. Roll your shoulders back and lift the center of your chest. You’ll notice that within an instant, you feel strong, confident, and in control. Good posture is like an inner warrior––simply assuming a power position can actually make us feel powerful. And it energizes the entire body too.

But we need reminders to sit up straight. That’s where Quantum comes in. Keep on doing what you’re doing and we’ll take care of the backache. Quantum Posture Reminder is a small, wireless device that improves your spinal alignment and prevents muscle aches and fatigue. It helps keep your back and shoulders straight so you can conquer the world––or maybe just the day.

How Does It Work?

We don’t want you to become dependent on a device to improve your health. There’s already enough gimmicky stuff like that in the health and wellness industry. That’s where Quantum is different. It conditions you to develop an awareness of your posture and general physical state. Once that awareness becomes habitual, your posture improves without you even having to think about it.

Quantum Perfect Pose Posture Reminder is therapeutically designed to improve your posture naturally by reminding you to sit up straight and take a stretch break. Simply position the small device like a magnetic pin near your chest, under or over your clothes and when you slouch, it will emit a gentle vibration to alert you to straighten up. Within a few days, you’ll automatically adopt the healthy habit of sitting or standing with a straight back and shoulders, with fewer reminders. As your body becomes used to this alignment, it naturally assumes a perfect posture. Quantum has a simple programmable function that will remind you to stretch at key times to prevent muscle aches and pains and improve circulation. We’ve got your back––you’re welcome.

Quantum Perfect Pose Posture Reminder

The Health Benefits of Perfect Posture

Enhances Core Strength

Sitting upright causes the core muscles to engage. That means you’re toning and trimming the belly just by keeping your back straight.

Improves Circulation

Regular stretching breaks when sitting for long periods are essential for proper circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body.

Reduces Stress

When posture is healthy and the vertebrae are aligned, the nervous system can function properly because your body’s energy pathways are open and unobstructed.

Increases Energy

An upright posture decreases stress on the spine and surrounding muscles, allowing for a more efficient use of energy.

Quantum Perfect Pose Posture Reminder

Who is Perfect Pose For?

Everyone can benefit from a better posture, but some people are more susceptible to slouching or hunching over. If you sit or stand for long periods, you’ll reap incredible benefits from Posture Reminder. However, it’s also ideal for active people, especially for training, to support healthy biomechanics.

  • Athletes
  • Office clerks
  • Remote workers
  • Cashiers
  • Gym enthusiasts
  • Teachers
  • Students

Key Operating Points

  • Press and hold the on/off switch, the unit will flash yellow and have a long vibrate, which means the unit is on
  • Place the unit on your chest on a fitted piece of clothing (big unit on the outside, smaller unit on the inside) closest to your chest on the left or right side
  • The unit will vibrate when it senses that you are bending over, slouching or hunching over - this is the reminder to straighten your back
  • When done using the unit, press the on/off button and the unit will have a small vibrate, which means the unit is now off
  • Always charge the unit when done using it


  • Net weight: 0.42 oz / 12 g
  • Dimensions: 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm x 0.6 cm
  • Battery: DC 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 60mAh


Included: One Quantum Posture Reminder Device & Li-ion Battery

Take Charge Of Your Health
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