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Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover | B1G1 FREE
Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover | B1G1 FREE
Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover | B1G1 FREE
Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover | B1G1 FREE
Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover | B1G1 FREE
Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover | B1G1 FREE
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Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover

The Ultimate Protection

The great outdoors poses all kinds of dangers, from the spreading of germs and bacteria to Mother Nature herself. The Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover protects you from all of it, including covering the mouth and nose when social distancing is not available to warding off dust, debris, sun, and wind when used as a face mask or hood. Great for all-season wear, the neck gaiter is a favorite of outdoor adventurers as well as professional athletes.

Available in blue or gray, this comfortable and reusable all-season cover can be worn in a variety of ways. One size fits most adults, so both men and women can try it as a balaclava or as a cap; as a headband or foulard; and as a neck gaiter or face mask. Made from quick-drying, breathable, and super stretchy material, this gaiter can also be worn as a wristband, a hair scrunchy, a hood, a pirate head covering, and more creative ideas!

What Is A Neck Gaiter?

Gaiters are pieces of fabric worn around the neck that can be easily lifted up to cover the mouth and nose as well. Popular in winter months they offer warmth and protect skiers and snowboarders from the cold and wind. In warmer climates, runners and bikers find gaiters are comfortable enough to wear without irritation and adaptable enough to pull up and down and cover the face in just seconds. They also protect against the wind, sun, and dust that might fly into the face while in motion.

Neck gaiters have been proven to be effective against the spread of droplets that are created by coughing, sneezing, or even talking. This makes them a worthy face covering to help during the pandemic to protect yourself and others. The full coverage protection provided by neck gaiters gives you piece of mind when you are not able to practice safe social distancing, as well as the confidence to go outdoors or into a store if necessary.

Care Tips For Your New Neck Gaiter

Enjoying your reusable Quantum™ Neck Gaiter Face Cover will be much better, and longer-lasting with the proper care. Follow these laundry tips for best use:

  • Machine wash on cold water
  • Tumble dry separately on low temperature setting
  • Wash dark colors separately


  • Full coverage protection
  • Moisture wicking design
  • Various wearing styles for incredible versatility
  • Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex
  • Single ply (gaiter can be folded over for 2 ply protection)
  • One size fits most
  • Available in blue or gray
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