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Quantum Magnetic Insoles
Quantum Magnetic Insoles
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Experience The Natural Healing Power Of Magnet Reflexology

What’s better than a foot massage after a tiring day at work? Getting your feet massaged all day long! There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive spas. Every step is a massage when you wear Quantum Magnetic Insoles. Relieve pain and improve your health just by talking a walk. Professional-grade therapeutic magnets not only feel make the soles of your feet feel great, they help ease tension, discomfort, improve athletic performance, and support better overall health––in ways that might surprise you.

Why Your Feet Need Magnetic Insoles

Improving your health has never been easier. If you’re facing fatigue, digestive issues, stress, back pain, or constipation, you may need to give your feet extra attention. While it may sound strange, the soles of your feet are like the central control unit of your entire body.

Simply applying pressure to certain areas of your feet can relieve various health issues. This technique is an ancient practice called foot reflexology. It originated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it’s increasingly in popularity in the West for its healing power. However, indulging in a foot reflexology massage treatment is not realistic for many of us when it comes to time and money, so we have to find some other way to achieve the same health benefits it provides.

You’re about to discover the incredible healing power of therapeutic magnets used specifically for foot reflexology to encourage total body wellness. Magnet therapy may alleviate pain and treat and prevent disease. It involves using varying strengths and sizes of magnets placed strategically on different parts of the body in alignment with specific acupressure points. The magnets may boost metabolism, reduce the body’s acidity, and increase the amount of oxygen for optimal cellular function, which can positively affect a range of health issues.

Enjoy Total Body Wellness With Every Step!

After intense research, we discovered that combining magnet therapy and foot reflexology in the form of a shoe insole could be an effective and easy way to reap the benefits of this ancient alternative health practice. That’s why we created Quantum Magnetic Insoles for men and women. Simple walking can improve all kinds of health conditions safely and naturally.

Our product combines the ancient practice of reflexology with new-age technologies. These therapeutic insoles are essential for people suffering from chronic body pain and discomfort. Millions of people wear magnetic therapy to improve health, manage pain, and treat arthritis, carpal tunnel, headaches, and many other conditions.

Our Quantum Magnetic Insoles are uniquely designed to reach heel-to-toe and offer maximum coverage and pain relief so you can stay on your feet and enjoy life! Their unique magnetic design accelerates blood circulation, soothes nerves, and provides magneto therapy. Comfortable, customizable, and sweatproof, our Quantum Magnetic Insoles are the perfect gift idea for both men and women alike. Enjoy every step with our Quantum Magnetic Insoles!


How Do They Work?

Did you know that there are over 20,000 nerve endings (per sole) that correspond to an area of your body? That means your overall health directly depends on your feet. Manipulating or applying pressure to different points through reflexology can positively impact those parts of the body affected by pain or illness. Now you can easily treat terrible back pain, digestive problems, and even the level of stress and toxins in your body just by wearing magnetic insoles.

Our Quantum Magnetic Insoles are uniquely designed with maximum coverage and 400 massage points for each foot. They’re intelligently designed to relieve overall body pain, cool and soothe feet, and boost your endurance. That means they can improve your fitness level too. Slide these comfortable insoles into any shoe: trainers, hiking boots, high heels, slippers, and flats.

Four types of magnets for maximum therapy:

12 large acupoints

Provide maximum arch support and target the body’s stress response, and digestive and metabolic function.

120 medium acupoints

Massage and soothe tense areas of the feet and provide therapy to various joints and organs.

270 micro acupoints

Increase circulation and target various areas of the head, neck, thyroid, and respiratory system.

5 cooling magnets

Produce gentle magnetic waves. This acupressure technology was created to fully relieve tension and make you feel full of energy even if you have to walk for long hours during the day.

Created to improve your overall body health, our Quantum Magnetic Insoles target the following areas with precise magnetic acupoints:

Solar Plexus Reflex

One of the most powerful points in foot reflexology––your center chakra. By stimulating the upper pad on your sole, these insoles decrease stress levels and boost your body’s overall tolerance for stress.

Adrenal Reflex

Your adrenal reflex point is located at your foot’s core arch. When stimulated, it encourages a boost in energy and endurance. These insoles could help you burn calories and feel more alert.

Digestive Reflex

The reflex point located at the center of your core arch is responsible for your digestion. Stimulating it will help you absorb more nutrients, increase healthy bacteria, and reduce bloating.

Sciatic Reflex

To relax your muscles from cramping and eliminate back pain, our insoles directly stimulate your sciatic reflex point. That’s the nerve that starts at your lower back and ends at your heel.

Waste Elimination Reflex

Stimulating your foot’s core arch can trigger your waste elimination reflex. That can help relieve constipation, release excess toxins in your body, and clear up your skin.

Who Are They For?

Quantum Magnetic Insoles are for anyone who wants to feel stronger and healthier everyday. If you’re into running, working out, training, or hiking, these insoles will improve your performance. But they also treat specific conditions. If you’re in this list, you can’t afford not to try these insoles:

  • Back pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Poor posture
  • Joint conditions
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Menstrual dysfunction & PMS
  • Digestive issues
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches

Sizing & Customization

Unlike most magnetic insoles, our Quantum Magnetic insoles are completely customizable to fit any type of shoe. Available in two sizes, these insoles can be trimmed to your unique shape of the foot or your favorite pair of shoes!

*** S/M: 35cm - 40cm (13.8" - 15.7"), L/XL - 41cm - 46cm (16.1" - 18.1")

*** Whether you love wearing high-heels, running shoes, boots, or flats, these intricately designed insoles will fit them all!

As an added bonus, our insoles are designed with airflow technology that ensures your feet stay cool and dry all day long! Great for joggers, long-distance runners, and gym rats.

Included in your purchase: one pair of healing magnetic insoles in your chosen size.

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