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Quantum™ Heated Foot Massager
Quantum™ Heated Foot Massager
Quantum™ Heated Foot Massager
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Soothe Your Feet With Vibrating And Heating

If you’re spending all day on your feet, why not give them a moment to get the care they deserve? The Quantum™ Heated Foot Massager is the ultimate way to soothe away all your aches and pains. Using both heat and vibration, this home therapy essential will restore energy and ease your aching feet. Choose from both Low and High settings to control the speed you need, paired with a supple soft-touch design that adds an extra bit of relaxation to the end of a busy, tiring day.

Easy to Use, a Delight to Enjoy!

Take a seat and set up for Quantum™ Heated Foot Massager on the floor with the opening facing up. Slip both feet in at once, like putting on a big comfortable boot or a giant slipper. Only this “footwear” comes with the benefits of heated massage and soothing vibration! It’s the ideal way to relax your tired tootsies when they’re feeling sore, painful, or achy.

The outside of the foot massager is soft to the touch to match the plush inner lining. And you can select from two levels of intensity depending on how your feet feel at that moment — and how much heat or vibration you can tolerate. Either level you choose the end result will be incredible relaxation for you and your feet!

Benefits of Heat Massage for the Feet

Warming massagers such as the Quantum™ Heated Foot Massager can be beneficial to your overall health and well-being, as much as they are for any aches and pains in your feet. They add an enhanced sense of relaxation and relief that starts at the toes and goes all the way to the head as your mind also earns some much-needed rest.

In addition to soothing warmth for your muscles, heated foot massages also help improve blood circulation by breaking up any blockages that may exist in the lower extremities. By increasing the circulation, healing is promoted, as more nutrients are fed into the body and tendons feel looser and less painful. Foot massages can also detoxify the body, acting as a mini sauna for your feet. This in turn gives you more energy and eliminates annoying muscle spasms. So don’t want any longer — let this heated foot massager put a little heat into your feet!


  • Soothe the feet with vibrating massage action
  • Keep your feet warm with heated massage
  • 2 levels of intensity to choose from
  • Soft-touch design for extra relaxation
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Meant for indoor use only
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