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Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Anti-Fog Face Mask Support (3-pack)
Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Anti-Fog Face Mask Support (3-pack)
Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Anti-Fog Face Mask Support (3-pack)
Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Anti-Fog Face Mask Support (3-pack)
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Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Face Mask Support

Breathe & Speak With Ease

Wearing a mask has become mandatory in many public spaces and cities across the country. But many have found face masks to be irritating and uncomfortable. With the Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Face Mask Support, this problem can be solved fast! Each package contains three face mask supports, so you can share them with your family, or have one handy wherever you might be and need to wear a protective face mask.

This helpful face mask support frame is placed inside the face mask to allow you to experience a little bit of extra room, without compromising the integrity of the seal on your mask. You’ll be able to breathe easier without the mask touching your face, and also speak more clearly and your voice will be less muffled by the mask against your nose and mouth.

Benefits of Using a Face Mask Support

By using the Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Face Mask Support, you will not only be aided by easier breathing and speaking, but also more cosmetic and physical benefits. With the Mask Support in place, some of the side-effects of wearing face masks will be reduced. These include glasses fogging up as you breathe, lipstick smudging against the interior of the mask, or skin irritation from wearing the mask for a long time.

Made of durable polypropylene, this clear Face Mask Support is hand-washable and reusable. Designed to be worn inside of a face mask, it can be easily installed in just seconds. To wear the support, use the clips on either side and insert them into the folds of your disposable face mask, or other style of mask since this helpful aide is compatible with all types.

Please note: The Quantum™ Breathe-Easy Face Mask Support is not a medical device. It’s meant to be worn only with a protective face mask in order to help ease face irritation. Masks are not included with the supports.


  • Breathe and speak with ease
  • Helps prevent glasses from fogging
  • Protects lipstick from smudging
  • Reduces friction on the face
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • Measures 4.3”L x 1.5”W x 3.3”H (11cm x 3.8cm x 8.5cm)
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