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Pop & Play Bubble Popping 3D Donut (1pk) | Ships Assorted
Pop & Play Bubble Popping 3D Donut (1pk) | Ships Assorted
Pop & Play Bubble Popping 3D Donut (1pk) | Ships Assorted
Pop & Play Bubble Popping 3D Donut (1pk) | Ships Assorted
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Pop & Squeeze For Non-Stop Fun!

This donut popping fidget ball adopts rainbow colour designs and novel donut shape. It's made of 100% soft silicone material, difficult to deform and puncture, and feels super comfortable in the hand! This ball popping toy is friendly to children and pets.

This fidget toy is lightweight, durable and soft. Easy to hold and carry with you. It is an easy to clean and reusable donut pressure popping it ball. Enjoy the fun of decompression anytime, anywhere. Suitable for school, office, home, travel, it can also attract kid’s attention and reduce the time playing video game. For adults, it can relieve stress and keep brain active. For pets, it is a fun pet exercise toy.

Stress ball fidget toy can help relieve stress accumulated due to work, school or personal problems. When you press the bubble and then squeeze the ball, the bubble will pop up and make a pleasant “pop” sound, which can relieve stress. Pop stress ball can provide a lovely gift idea for those who need to relieve stress. A 3D Donut pop fidget ball is the perfect gift for New Year, Thanksgiving, Children’s Day, Birthday or Party!


  • 3D Fidget Bubble Popping Donut
  • For the whole family
  • Engaging toy for fidgety hands
  • Super fun & convenient travel game
  • Ideal for early years motor development
  • Compact & no loose or noise-making pieces
  • Hygienic, water-resistant material wipes clean in a snap
  • Available in four colours: Lime/Orange/White), Blue/Pink/White, Pink/Yellow/White & Green/Purple/White
  • Size: 8cm/3"
  • Includes (1) Pop & Play 3D Donuts

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