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MagnaBands Hematite Rings (10pc) | Assorted Sizes | As Seen On Social!
MagnaBands Hematite Rings (10pc) | Assorted Sizes | As Seen On Social!
MagnaBands Hematite Rings (10pc) | Assorted Sizes | As Seen On Social!
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Magnetic Hematite Rings Help to Absorb Negative Energy

Take the challenge! Hematite is known to have healing powers and can ease stress and worry by helping to absorb negative energy from the mind and body. Combine it with magnetic therapy, which helps with medication, grounding, mental clarity, focus, and blood flow & circulation. Then you have these MagnaBands Hematite Rings, crafted from quality Magnetic Hematite. Rings like these often break when they have absorbed too much negative energy or after they have provided healing for the wearer. Try the challenge by keeping one for yourself, giving one to someone special, or sharing them with family and friends. Whose ring will fall off first?

You can choose to wear Magnetic Hematite Rings to insulate yourself from negative energy and to help melt the stress away from your life. With the ability to promote faster healing of the mind, soul, and body, you can experience all the benefits of magnetic energy therapy and regain the mental clarity you need. Wear matching rings with your partner or BFF, or wear multiple rings on different fingers. However you desire to use these powerful accents, you'll be feeling more positive in no time.

Each pack features ten magnetic hematite rings in assorted sizes from 6 to 10. The box comes with two rings of each size so you are able to share them with multiple friends and family members, or place different sized rings on your own fingers, such as the thumb if the fit is comfortable. Try wearing one on a chain around your neck to make the ring last even longer, yet still help to release negative energy from your aura.

Take The Challenge

Influencers of all ages are taking the #hematiteringchallenge on social media. For this challenge, you take two Magnetic Hematite rings, keeping one for yourself to wear and give the other to a close friend or your partner to wear. Then you wait and see whose ring absorbs the most negative energy and breaks or falls off first. You can chronicle the challenge through short videos, putting your own unique spin on this viral video challenge. Or post the moment the ring falls off to celebrate the moment your negative energy is defeated once and for all!

The Benefits Of Magnetic Hematite

Magnetic Hematite, also called lodestone, is considered to possess healing properties due to its high iron content, which lends a heaviness that drags it towards the earth. This grounding phenomenon can align the chakras and add powerful positive-negative polarity that both attracts and repels negative energy. Traditional healing benefits are believed to be acting as an anti-inflammatory, aiding the kidneys, helping with circulation and tissue regeneration, stimulating sluggishness, and helping overall well-being. As a ring, magnetic hematite offers a balancing of the mind and body, easing negative feelings and providing a stabilizing effect.


  • Pack of 10 Magnetic Hematite Rings
  • Assorted sizes in each pack
  • Material: Magnetic Hematite
  • Ring Thickness: 6mm / 0.23"
  • 5 sizes included: 2 x #6, 2 x #7, 2 x #8, 2 x #9, 2 x #10
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