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Lit Slime: Fidget Putty Slime | Orange Blossom | Pre-Order

Lit Slime: Fidget Putty Slime | Orange Blossom | Pre-Order
Lit Slime: Fidget Putty Slime | Orange Blossom | Pre-Order
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ABOUT: Lit Slime: Fidget Putty Slime | Orange Blossom | Pre-Order

Introducing our Putty Slime in the delectable Grape Gum flavor, a sensory delight for kids and adults alike! This fascinating and stretchy concoction is designed to captivate your imagination while providing a safe and enjoyable playtime experience.

Product Details:

  1. Net Weight: Each container contains a generous 200g of Grape Gum Putty Slime, ensuring hours of creative fun.

  2. CPC Certificate: We understand that safety is a top priority when it comes to children's toys. Rest assured, our Grape Gum Putty Slime comes with a CPC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certificate, guaranteeing compliance with rigorous safety standards.

  3. Boron-Free: Our Grape Gum Putty Slime is formulated without boron, ensuring that it's safe for play and peace of mind for parents. This non-toxic and boron-free formula is gentle on little hands.

Product Features: 

  • Delicious Grape Gum Scent: Not only is our Putty Slime fun to play with, but it also has an enticing grape gum scent that adds an extra layer of sensory enjoyment to the experience.

  • Stretchy and Moldable: This Putty Slime can be stretched, squished, molded, and shaped into a wide variety of forms. It offers endless possibilities for imaginative play and creative exploration.

  • Vibrant Purple Color: The vibrant grape-inspired color of this Putty Slime adds to the visual appeal, making it even more enticing for kids.

  • Stress Relief: Besides being a fantastic toy for kids, our Grape Gum Putty Slime can be a stress-reliever for adults. Knead, squeeze, and stretch it to relieve tension and anxiety.

  • Educational Play: This putty slime encourages fine motor skills development, creativity, and sensory exploration, making it an excellent tool for learning through play.

Whether you're looking for a captivating gift for a child or a fun way to de-stress for yourself, our Grape Gum Putty Slime is a perfect choice. The delightful grape scent, safety assurance, and endless play possibilities make it a must-have addition to any playtime or relaxation routine. Order your 200g container of Grape Gum Putty Slime today and experience the joy of sensory play!

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