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KGAME 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks (3pk) | Kids & Adult Sizes
KGAME 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks (3pk) | Kids & Adult Sizes
KGAME 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks (3pk) | Kids & Adult Sizes
KGAME 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks (3pk) | Kids & Adult Sizes
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ABOUT: KGAME 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks (3pk) | Kids & Adult Sizes

  • Reusable face masks
  • Each order comes with one of each of the three symbols
  • 2-ply soft, combed cotton
  • Nose strip
  • Earloops with adjusters
  • Fully covers your airways
  • Wear and wash again and again
  • Multiple sizes for both kids and adults
  • Ideal for all-day wear in warmer temperatures
  • Natural, breathable cotton is soft on sensitive skin
  • To avoid shrinking, we recommend washing in cold water and air drying
kGame 2-Ply Cotton Face Masks

Are You Up For A Challenge?

The new South Korean survival drama is now the most-watched show on Netflix of all time!

These 2-ply combed cotton masks come in packs of three, one of each of the rank symbols featured on the guards' masks from the show.

Circle guards are general helpers. They help to prepare the games, lead the players from room to room, and clean up afterwards.

Triangle guards are above circle guards in rank, as they are responsible for monitoring the games and eliminating players accordingly. They are armed and equipped with cameras and microphones, receiving orders from above.

Square guards are the highest ranking guards in the games. They maintain order in both the groups of staff members and players by keeping watch through the cameras in the control room, and making announcements and giving orders when necessary.

Mask-Up For Safe & Comfortable Protection

These are unprecedented times and no one is really used to wearing a face mask yet. It takes a couple of wears to feel comfortable in it, but the first and most critical step is ensuring your mask fits properly. Refer to our sizing guidelines below to determine what size is best for you or your child’s face.

Easy To Clean

Cotton washes and dries in a snap. Wear it a few times then throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Or, if you want to play it super safe, wear a fresh one every day for 3 days. When you buy one set, you’ll always have a couple handy while one is being washed.

Made With Everyone In Mind

These KGame guard masks are available in a variety of sizes to be able to fit anyone of any age. Choose between Kids Sizes S/M and L/XL, or Adult Sizes S/M and L/XL. See the sizing guidelines below to determine the best fit for you or your child's face. Note that one order comes with three different masks, each with the three different guard symbols printed on them, just like in the show.


Size Chart

Size Dimensions (including ear loops)
Kids S/M (ages 4-8) 4.3" x 9.8"
Kids L/XL (ages 9-14) 5" x 12"
Adults S/M 5.5" x 13"
Adults L/XL 6" x 15"
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