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Hidden Gems Fresh Linen Candle | Ring Collection

Hidden Gems Fresh Linen Candle | Ring Collection

$39.99 + Free Shipping

What  Will You Reveal?

Sit back and relax with a dazzling scented Hidden Gems Ring Candle. Melt away tension and stress at home or anywhere you go. Each Hidden Gems candle uses the highest quality natural oils to produce a surreal scented experience. 

Made of a high quality soy wax blend, under strict quality control and hand poured to exact standards, these rich candles are designed with two natural cotton wicks that burn longer and purer.

Best of all, inside of each Hidden Gem is a beautiful ring, waiting to be found by you or that special person in your life.

How It Works

  1. Burn your candle until you see the foil.
  2. Snuff out the flame and let the wax cool for a moment or two.
  3. Remove the pouch with a pair of tweezers.
  4. Place this on a non-burn surface and allow to cool down. (We recommend at least 2 minutes).
  5. Your Hidden Gem will be packed inside of a plastic bag inside of the foil to preserve the jewelry.
  6. Simply remove from the packaging and enjoy!


Every Hidden Gem Aroma Candle contains a dazzling ring valued between $25 to $9,000. Ring will come randomized with sizes between 6-8.

Ring Appraisal

Did you uncover a $9,000 ring? Simply locate the code affixed to the tag on your ring and visit for more details.
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