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Helix Ball DNA Stress Ball | As Seen on Social!
Helix Ball DNA Stress Ball | As Seen on Social!
Helix Ball DNA Stress Ball | As Seen on Social!
Helix Ball DNA Stress Ball | As Seen on Social!
Helix Ball DNA Stress Ball | As Seen on Social!
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Relieve Built-Up Stress

Squish and squeeze away stress, anxiety, and tension with this fabulous fidget buster ball! The DNA Stress Ball provides squishy, colorful, stress-relieving fun for hours at a time. Simply squeeze, pull, and squish this durable ball in your hands to help relax, reduce tensions, and increase both focus and calmness. Anytime you're feeling stressed out, anxious, or ill at ease, take out your new Stress Ball and squeeze away!

Inside each of these DNA Stress Balls are smaller, colorful, squish balls that will quickly and efficiently fill the space in the clear thermoplastic rubber covering as you squeeze. The compact size makes it easy to carry around in a pocket, backpack, or bag, so when you're ready to start squeezing, it's sure to be within easy reach. Non-toxic and odor-free, this superior stress ball is safe for anyone ages 6 and up, making it easy for nearly the whole family to enjoy the benefits of squeezing away tension and staying focused.

Reap the Benefits of Using Stress Balls

The DNA Stress Ball can yield a host of benefits for anyone who uses it. Whether utilized on a regular basis or whenever it's needed, this squishy stress ball really does the trick. You can squeeze it to your heart's content to power away stress and tension, and start to relax almost instantly. It can also be used as a unique physical therapy tool to add more strength after wrist or hand injuries.

The assorted balls inside one big squishy ball can also act as a terrific fidget toy for small and large hands that need to stay busy and focused. Both adults and kids can use it at home or on the go, from the car to the bus to the office and beyond. It's especially beneficial to anyone afflicted with ADHD, autism, excess fidgeting, and stress-related issues. Other health benefits of stress balls include aiding proper blood circulation, easing pain from arthritis and carpel tunnel, improving motor skills (especially in children), and strengthening muscles in the hands and forearms.


  • Stress ball with assorted color squeeze balls inside a squishable clear ball
  • Helps alleviate everyday stress and tension
  • Made of non-toxic and odor-free thermoplastic rubber
  • Won't leave stains on clothes or cause greasy hands
  • Tear-free and durable
  • Conforms to safety requirements
  • Safe to use for ages 6 and up
  • Measures 6cm / 2.36"
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