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Glass Beads 1KG Pouch For Weighted Plushies
Glass Beads 1KG Pouch For Weighted Plushies
Glass Beads 1KG Pouch For Weighted Plushies
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The Weighted Plushies Are Here! 

Everybody is talking about the super cute weighted  plush dolls on Social Media. #WeightedStuffedAnimal #WeightedPlush and #WeightedDino have racked up millions views over the past few months!
So what is it about these plushies that's got everyone freaking out? Not only are they adorable and perfect to cuddle with, but they're weighted with glass beads, making them effective pressure therapy tools as well. Resting one on your chest feels like cuddling with a real animal! Click here to see our line of Weighted Plushies.

Now the glass beads used to weight our plushies are available in individual 1 KG bags for your convenience! Use these bead pouches to add extra weight to your Weighted Plushie, or you can even turn your favourite stuffed animal from home into a handmade pressure therapy doll!


Product Specifications:

  • As seen on Social Media!
  • Glass beads to add extra weight to your stuffies
  • Enjoy the same benefits of a weighted blanket with a super cute twist
  • Perfect for kids and adults to use for relaxation
  • Helpful for relaxation and concentration, especially for those who experience sensory overload
  • Material: Glass beads
  • Weight: 1.0kg (2.2lbs)
  • Includes:
    (1) 1KG Glass Bead Weight Pouch


Caution: Beads are a choking hazard. Please have a parent or guardian install weight into a doll.

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