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Glambux: Duplex Long Lash Mascara
Glambux: Duplex Long Lash Mascara
Glambux: Duplex Long Lash Mascara
Glambux: Duplex Long Lash Mascara
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Elevate Your Day-to-Day Look

A lash curler for all occasions! This unique brush-like design is inspired by the shape of a natural lash, with two sizes of bristles that curl lashes from multiple directions to give them a long-lasting curl and dramatic lift. Each side has a different texture to help you achieve the desired effect. On one side, you have short and medium bristles that help sculpt your lashes while providing volume. On the other side, there are longer bristles that will curl and lengthen at the same time!

Glambux Duplex Mascara is a 3-layer mascara that has been designed to make lashes look longer, even those eyelashes in hard-to-reach areas that are usually ignored1 The brush’s unique design ensures that each lash gets the same amount of product and leaves them looking natural. It also contains an elastic polymer, which makes it smudge proof and is water resistant so you can wear it all day without worrying about it!

Beauty Tip: Attach the brush to the root of the eyelashes and apply in a zigzag motion as if sweeping from the inside to the outside.




      • Glambux Duplex Long Lash Mascara
      • Waterproof formula
      • Color: Black
      • Volume: 0.17oz/5g
      • Precaution: Store away from direct sunlight
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