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Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
Flippy's Reversible Octopus 8
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A Cute n’ Furry Friend To Express Yourself

  • Double-sided, two-colour design
  • Super soft & squishable
  • Flips inside out for different colours & expressions
  • Available in Black/White, Teal/Pastel Pink, Light Blue/Red, Orange/Yellow, Hot Pink/Green, Dark Blue/Hot Pink
  • Colours ship assorted - collect them all!
  • Features a metal key ring on both sides
  • Great gift idea for kids and adults
  • Excellent for fidgety hands & fine motor development
  • Ideal tool for children to identify & express emotions
  • A cute and quirky office, kitchen, or playtime companion
  • Supports emotion regulation and intelligence
  • Flippy's Octopus is the perfect portable size at 20cm (7.87") wide

Emotions Got The Best of You?

If the state of the world has you feeling down and out, you’re not the only one. We could all use a mood lift and something to lighten the atmosphere, no matter what’s going on. It’s normal for moods to shift from happy to sad to angry to frustrated, all in one day!

While most adults are pretty good at managing their emotions, children are only just learning what they’re all about––and that’s a difficult task! Children’s prosocial emotional expression takes time, patience, and support to develop, and adults could use a little reminder every now and then too!

Flip That Frown Upside Down

Flippy The Octopus features a double-sided design, each side featuring a different expression and engaging colour. Your new octopus friend can easily be flipped to provide a simple cue to others on how you are feeling in the moment. One side happy and other side sad!
This reversible octopus toy is made of durable plush material and is filled with high-quality PP cotton stuffing. It's easy to clean too; just use a small amount of soap and water to remove stains, leaving it to air dry.

Your soft squishy reversible plush toy friend encourages children to identify and label their emotions gently and accurately. Use these creatures to guide children through healthy and prosocial expression of feelings, especially when experiencing challenging emotions like sadness and anger.

How It Works

A soft and comforting companion helps support children’s emotional development, and this cute reversible plush toy is an ideal playmate for every situation. To encourage your child or student to express how they’re feeling, simply ask them to “flip” their buddy inside out until they see an expression that matches their feelings. Then, use supportive language to identify and label that emotion.

This reversible plush toy helps children better understand and allow emotions and to describe them accurately. And it supports colour identification too! But it’s not just for kids. It’s also a great way for adults to communicate how they’re feeling too and ward off any unwanted push-back! Place your reversible plush toy on your work desk or kitchen countertop to let your friends, family, and colleagues know whether it’s a happy or sad kind of day or moment.

Plushes are approximately 20cm (7.87") in width. Includes one (1) Flippy's Octopus 8" Plush in an assorted colourway.

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