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FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
FITT Cube Multi-Gym | As Seen On Kickstarter
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Home Fitness Reimagined

The FITT Cube Multi-Gym is a patented, multifunctional fitness tool that's perfect for experiencing total body workouts. Great for performing more than 100 fun, dynamic, and effective exercises, it's all you need to transform your body and maximize every aspect of your fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power.

FITT Cube is specially designed for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is scientifically proven to be one of the best and most efficient ways for anyone to work out. The Cube comes complete with the easy-to-follow FITT 15 program to help you get into the best shape of your life. FITT 15 provides the multiple benefits of HIIT so you can burn fat, improve your heart health, and strengthen and tone your entire body. You'll also build lean muscle and overall be able to take your fitness to new heights in just 15 minutes each time you work out. In addition, you can take advantage of the Afterburn Effect by continuing to burn calories for hours after your workout, even while you’re relaxing on the sofa!

The New Shape Of Fitness

Using the FITT Cube gives you access to more than 10 piece of fitness equipment in one compact, portable gym! You can perform more than 100 effective exercises, with the goal of targeting every muscle in your body. Use the plyometric platform for dynamic, power workouts or use the padded twisting seat to work on your core, towards gaining a lean and toned midsection.

All in all, you can grip, jump, step, and test your way to better health. From dips, planche, and lunges to jackknife, box jumps, and glute bridges to biceps steps and triceps extension to Russian twists and reverse planks, nearly any HIIT exercise you can think of can be performed with the FIIT Cube. You can use it both indoors and outdoors to train with intensity and high performance, giving you the results you're looking for at a fantastic value.

Comes With All You Need

This versatile training tool includes 5 FITT 15 Video HIIT Workouts led by fitness expert Jordan Nevels that can help you get in the best shape of your life. All five videos feature total body Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced routines designed for the level of fitness you want: FITT 15 1.0 Lean & Tone, FITT 15 2.0 Total Body Fat Burner, FITT 15 3.0 Max After Burner, FITT 15 Warm-Up, and FITT 15 Cool Down.

As a special bonus, your purchase of the FIIT Cube also comes with 3 targeted FITT 15 Video HIIT Workouts, also featuring Jordan Nevels, that focus on the upper body, lower body, and core. This will enable you to sculpt your best body ever! Includes FITT 15 Upper Body Chiseler, FITT 15 Great Glutes & Legs, and FITT 15 Killer Abs.


  • Comes fully assembled and ready to go!
  • Everything you need for a fast, effective, heart-pumping, total body workout all in one compact cube
  • 10 or more pieces of fitness equipment in one; just flip it and target a whole new aspect of your fitness
  • Unmatched versatility with one machine: cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power training
  • Build strength with the soft-touch, comfortable grip handles
  • Build cardio and improve endurance with the built-in mini stepper
  • Pick up the resistance bands (7kg) to tone and strengthen your upper body, or increase flexibility with Pilates-like movements
  • Made with durable, gym-quality steel to stand up to the toughest workouts
  • Non-slip grips add stability on any surface
  • Integrated calorie and step counter keeps track of all your progres
  • s
  • Compact and easy to store; measures just 43.5cm x 38cm x 38.5 cm
  • Easily portable so you can work out anywhere, anytime
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