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Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy (3-pack)
Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy (3-pack)
Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy (3-pack)
Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy (3-pack)
Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy (3-pack)
Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy (3-pack)
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The New Craze To Keep You Occupied

The inventive Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toys are rings that you can spin around your fingers and do tricks with. Use your imagination to come up with all sorts of tricks, or get multiple sets of rings and play fun games with friends. Each pack includes 3 Fingerings, which stay together as they are spun around in the hands and on the fingers. There are multiple colors available and each package contains an assortment of colors.

Made of high-quality materials, the Magnetic Jitter Toy also helps keep kids and adults more active and focused. A terrific stress relief gadget, the rings make sure the hands are busy as they relive anxiety and boost concentration with every trick that is performed. Kids and teens love using these fidget toys to film videos for TikTok and social media, sharing tricks with friends and family plus showing off the skills they are learning the more they use the finger rings.

A fun little gift for any occasion, Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy rings are great for stress relief. The motion of the rings and the dexterity it takes to work them provide a calming effect that's beneficial for anyone suffering from stress or attention disorders. Children who are suffering from autism, ADHD, or constant fidgeting will regain focus and reduce their stress once they start to master the fabulous Fingerings.

How to Use Fingerings Magnetic Jitter Toy

When using the Magnetic Jitter Toy rings, it's best to put the ring on slowly when using it for the first time to ensure a proper fit. Then make sure you don't push the rings past the middle knuckle of the finger, in order to prevent the ring from getting stuck. If it does get stuck, apply a lubricant, hand cream, or soap around the ring so you can slide it off without issues.

To start doing tricks with the magnetic rings, try some of the fun basic positions on your fingers at first. Place rings on your index and middle fingers with one free; or on the index and ring fingers with one free. Or have all three rings in your palm and use the index finger and thumb to fidget them. You can also invent your own tricks with any combination of fingers and rings... whatever you decide, just have fun with it!

You can also invent magnetic ring games to share with your friends. The packaging has some excellent ideas, such as Track, where you shoot one ring down two rows of rings; Billiards, a fun play on the classic bar game where you hit one ring into a squad of others to stick them together; and Hockey, where you try to avoid getting your ring into the magnetic field of your opponent's rings. The possibilities are endless!

Important Safety Information and Tips

Warning: Choking hazard due to small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


  • Stress relief gadget
  • Rings connect magnetically and spin around each other
  • Various tricks can be performed
  • Assorted colors
  • Not for children under 3 years of age
  • Each soybean measures 7cm x 2.56cm / 2.75" x 1"
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