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Esencia Hepa Air Purifier Replacement Filter | Web Exclusive
Esencia Hepa Air Purifier Replacement Filter | Web Exclusive
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Freshen Up Your Home With This Hepa Air Purifier!

The Esencia Hepa Air Purifier removes dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, and other small particles and pollutants from the air in your home. A quiet and aesthetically modern, this air purifier is ideal for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, cottages, bunkies, or wherever you like to spend time. Its 3 speed settings, and LED touch panel allows you to customize air flow based on your own needs and comforts. Ideal for summertime, this incredible innovation is not only a purifier, but is also an air conditioner! Give the gift of restful nights, and safe clean air with the Esencia Hepa Air Purifier. 

It's Time To Change The Filter!

The filter needs replacement after aprox. 2000hrs of use. When needing replacement, the Filter Reset icon will flash, and the unit will chime. After replacing the new filter, press and hold the Filter Reset icon for three seconds until the icon stops flashing, and turns solid. The unit should no longer chime.

How to Replace Filter

Grasp the bottom cover using the rotating handle, and turn clock-wise to unlock. Slowly lift up base to expose the filter. Remove the filter bag, and replace with new one. Re-insert the bottom cover onto the base of the unit, and turn counter-clockwise to lock.

Esencia Air Purifier sold separately.

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