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Danielle Erase Your Face | 4-Pack

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Danielle Erase Your Face | 4-Pack
Danielle Erase Your Face | 4-Pack
Danielle Erase Your Face | 4-Pack
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Perfect For Everyday Use - Just Add Water!

Makeup removal products can be harsh and potentially damaging; especially on sensitive skin. The Erase Your Face reusable make-up remover cloths are a brand new marvel taking the beauty world by storm! A must-have for every makeup lover, this cloth has the ability to remove all types of cosmetics, including waterproof mascara without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic make-up removers. Simply activate with water and gently wipe your face - no need to rub and scrub!

Save Money, Time & Our Planet

The best part about these clothes is that they save you money, time, and they help save our precious plant too! Each cloth is completely reusable, so you don't have to waste your hard-earned cash on disposables that accumulate and typically don't biodegrade. Erase Your Face is the perfect holiday gift for that makeup enthusiast in your life and fits great in a stocking too!  

Erase Your Face is great if you have acne! Disposable makeup wipes force you to scrub your face, which can spread acne and make it worse. The harmful chemicals used in other makeup removers can agitate your skin condition causing further breakouts. Makeup can be tough on the skin as is, so why not give it a break with these AMAZING clothes that gently remove makeup from your sensitive skin. 

Product Highlights

  • Water-activated cloth set that wipes away hard to remove makeup

  • Reusable - helps save unwanted waste that harms our beautiful earth.

  • Great for sensitive skin

  • Cleaning your face without the use of harmful chemicals

  • Includes (4) clothes

  • Measure approx. 15"  x 7.2"

  • 100% Polyester

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