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Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System | 4 Pad
Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System | 4 Pad
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ABOUT: Dr. Ho's Pain Therapy System | 4 Pad

Developed by Dr. Ho, this easy to use digital massage system can provide 12 relaxing massage techniques to any area of your body painlessly. Small enough to put inside your shirt pocket, Dr. Ho’s 4-Pad Pain Therapy System is also powerful enough to provide instant relief to tense muscles that are deep and chronically tight! 

Safe and simple to operate, in seconds you’ll be enjoying a deep and soothing massage. Just place the self-adhesive massage pads on to the skin over your tense or painful area and adjust the power dial until you feel the most soothing and relaxing massage action.

The new 4-Pad Pain Therapy System is equipped with dual (2) ports to power four (4) comfort massage pads. Now you can treat four (4) different body areas at the same time or share a soothing massage with a friend!

With the new instructional DVD Dr. Ho will teach you and your family how to get quick relief for over 20 common painful conditions. Dr. Ho will show you where to place the massage pads, and how to position your body for fast pain relief.


    • Clinically proven to soothe pain
    • 12 relaxing massage settings
    • Dual ports power four comfort massage pads, or share a massage with a friend!
    • 2 Large Flex Tone Pads: 6 times larger than regular pads!
    • Can be used with Dr. Ho's Foot Relief Massage Pads provide you with the most incredible foot massage
    • Dr. Ho's Fast Pain Relief Guide show you where to place pads for the best results


    • Dr. Ho's 4-Pads Pain Therapy System
    • 2 Large Flex Tone Pads
    • 4 Electrodes with Gel Pads
    • 2 Pairs Replacement Gel Pads
    • Owner's Manual
    • Instructional DVD by Dr. M. Ho
    • 2 Clip On Carrying Cases
    • Personal Travel Bag
    • Dr. Ho's Fast Pain Relief Guide

    This product should not be used if you require a pace maker, defibrillator or certain other medical implants. Always consult with your doctor before purchase.
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