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Dixie&Charli 10
Dixie&Charli 10
Dixie&Charli 10
Dixie&Charli 10
Dixie&Charli 10
Dixie&Charli 10
Dixie&Charli 10
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Who Are Charli & Dixie?

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have danced their way into becoming a household name across the nation. Charli's perky, precise dance videos caught on in 2019 and grew in popularity as the trend did; less than a year later she's not only the poster child of Social Media, she's also looked upon as one of the most influential voices of Gen Z. Her background as a competitive dancer, and Dixie's experience as a model and actress played a role in their rise to fame.

From choreography to lighting, these girls set the stage and steal the show day after day, entertaining millions of fans. In the girls' early careers, their mom's bathroom was their stage because it had the best lighting. Now, the girls have worked hard to create a line of selfie ring lights that capture their fun-loving personality while helping creators look and feel their best while capturing content.

    Create, Dance, Shine!

    • Dixie & Charli are all about spreading positive vibes. The sisters wanted to inspire fans to dance more (it makes you happy) and shine while they're doing it!
    • Their mission is to create a more convenient way for people to Create, Dance & Shine your brightest while using these Colour LED Ring Lights!
    • These high quality ring lights come with universal phone holders and wired remote controls for your convenience.
    • The purpose of these ring lights is for you to illuminate your life to make the perfect content. Social media stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio know the secret for viral posts is the picture-perfect lighting. This ring light will offer you professional and beautiful lighting that will make you look and feel your best while capturing content.


    Create In Colour

    • These Colour LED Ring Lights are designed with 11 playful colours that mimic the colours of the rainbow. There are 6 colour modes that include: red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, pink and 3 white light modes that include: Warm, cool, and natural to create that perfect mood lighting
    • Not only can you change the ring light to any colour you can imagine, but you can also adjust the amount of light coming out of the powerful LED bulbs ranging from 3000k-6000k to ensure a brightness level that fits perfect for you and the environment you are in


    Product Features:

    Full Color Spectrum  Get playful in 6 different color modes including red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, pink.

    Adjustable Brightness  The Dixie Charli Ring Light Collection allows you to adjust the amount of light coming out of the powerful LED bulbs.

    Automated Effects Modes  Record your videos with gradients and color arrangements that change at any speed that you set them to.

    Made with Love  Exclusive heart shaped design made with love by Dixie & Charli


      • Heart-shaped design
      • 6 color modes: red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, pink
      • 11 playful RGB color effect modes to create the perfect mood
      • Sits perfectly on desk: great for online school or zoom parties
      • Adjustable brightness: powerful LEDs ranging from 3000-6000 k
      • 3 white light modes: warm, cool, and natural
      • Universal phone holder fits screen sizes up to 7" (diagonal measurement)
      • Powered by USB with wired remote for color control
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