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Blackhead Removal Kit | 2 Piece Set
Blackhead Removal Kit | 2 Piece Set
Blackhead Removal Kit | 2 Piece Set
Blackhead Removal Kit | 2 Piece Set

Blackhead Removal Kit | 2 Piece Set

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Keeping smooth and spot free skin has never been so easy. Say goodbye to blackheads and pimples with professional results using these two at-home tools. Kit includes one comedone extractor and one blackhead needle/tweezer.


  • Made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and minimize risk of infections
  • Pointed tip tweezer handles ingrown hairs and popping easily
  • Perfectly aligned for precise plucking
  • Extractor with different size loop on each end effectively removes pesky blackheads
  • Includes case for storage and travelling
How To Use:

These blackhead removal tools are less damaging to the skin than squeezing with your fingers or nails. Follow the instructions carefully and always remember to be gentle.

  • Clean your face with your favourite cleansing product or soap with warm water. Remember to be gentle with the acne prone area.
  • Disinfect both tools using medicinal/rubbing alcohol.

  • Using needle/tweezer to prick the maturing acne gently.

  • Using the acne's opening as the center, lightly apply one end of the comedone extractor and press down with gradual pressure until sebum is extracted.

  • Using cleanser to clean the area of acne after squeezing it.

  • When finished, apply toner to your face to keep skin delicate & smooth.

  • Your skin may slightly bleed when the blackhead or pimple is removed. If his occurs, please use a clean cotton pad to press it gently, and it will be fine after a few minutes.
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