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Ass Kickin: Chocolate Bar from Hell (1oz)
Ass Kickin: Chocolate Bar from Hell (1oz)
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A Marriage Between Great Taste & Quality!

Southwest Specialty Foods is a hot sauce company that focuses on using quality ingredients to create great-tasting products. They grow their own habanero peppers in the Arizona desert to ensure consistency and quality. The company was founded by Jeff Jacobs, who has been perfecting his line of over 200 specialty products since 1986. Each recipe begins with a custom spice mix and the right amount of peppers to achieve the desired level of heat. Their manufacturing facility produces sauces, seasonings, and snacks, with each product containing their own special dose of peppers. They are well known for their innovative packaging and operate a gift shop where customers can sample products and find unique souvenirs.

Ass Kickin’ Chocolate Bar from Hell
Delicious smooth milk chocolate that hides a dirty secret... Do you like spicy things and chocolate? This very hot chocolate bar first lures you in with its decadent chocolate sweetness before burning your entire mouth from the Habanero peppers. Sweet and hot!

* Be careful! Bring a glass of water because it is VERY spicy! Not recommended for young children.

Ingredients: MIlk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Chocolate Liquor) With Added Soya Lecithin Emulsifier, Pure Vanilla, And Habanero Pepper.
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