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A few years ago, our school was doing a cleanup around the school for Earth Day. We started talking at home about how taking care of our planet is important. As we drove home or went to places (basically everywhere) we started to spot garbage, plastic bottles, straws and coffee cups from under the snow. Over the next few weeks we saw it wherever we went. We asked our parents if we could clean up the forest and around the Credit River near our house. So we emailed our neighbours to see if other families wanted to help. Lots of people joined and now, every year for Earth Day, we get together with our neighbours and clean up along the Credit River so we can protect the animals, insects and fish from getting sick.

The really sad part is that every year, the garbage is back, it's like bad magic and when we clean it, people still just keep throwing garbage and littering because it is so easy to throw it on the ground but so bad for our planet. We need to stop all of this garbage. So Showcase started EcoTerra which are all these reusable everyday products. For example, instead of saran wrap, they made silicone stretchy wraps. It's all for less littering and less waste. We help test the EcoTerra products because we only want products that make the environment healthy.

Last year we wanted to do even more for the environment. So we talked to Nature Conservancy of Canada. They have protected 35 million acres across Canada. They have scientists who protect animals and their habitats to keep them healthy. So every time someone buys EcoTerra, some of the money goes to Nature Conservancy of Canada so they can help the animals.

But we think we NEED to do MORE. We want to see what other kids and schools are doing in Canada to help the environment (click here so you can share what you are doing). The earth is the only place we live in, and we need to make sure it's heathy. Now that is Earthy Fun!

Karishma and Arjun Kulkarni

Ages 9 and 11