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What Is A Silicone Ring?

You might’ve heard of silicone rings without ever wondering what they are. One of those things in passing, or maybe lots of people you know wear one. Let’s get the scoop on what a silicone ring is and why it will be an essential part of your life.

Silicone rings are the newest and most comfortable way to show you’re taken. But they aren’t just for married folks. Anyone can wear one of these stylish bands. A silicone ring is a popular wedding ring alternative for people who don’t want to wear metal for any reason, whether they’re allergic, or simply don’t dig the annoyance of wearing a slippery band on their finger.

What’s So Great About Silicone?

Most of us love silicone because it’s a smooth, comfortable, durable, and inexpensive material. But silicone for a ring, really? It’s been a hard trend for a while now, not just as a wedding band replacement or alternative, but as a style choice. Silicone takes the bling right out of it without being boring. It’s ideal for those who love to wear hand jewelry but are into more simple, streamlined style.

But buzzwords and bling aside, silicone is super functional. And it can last longer than a marriage––but that doesn’t mean it will in your case. Silicone is moisture, salt, and corrosion resistant, which means you can wear it in the sea, swimming pool, while you’re washing the dishes (again), all without risking any damage to it. It’s one of the most highly functional materials for everyday wear.

Silicone is also non-conductive and withstands changes in temperature so you’ll never feel it get hot or cold because it won’t. It pretty much stays the same temperature as your body, which is why you won’t even notice it’s there most of the time. That is, until someone comments on how great it looks.

Want A Perfect Fit Every Time?

That’s virtually impossible with anything, be it clothes, nylon stockings, or opinions. But with silicone, the fit is always the same because it’s flexible enough to accommodate changes in the size of your finger, but not enough to stretch out (it won’t shrink either).

Silicone also has a bit of grip so it stays put better than metal, and way more comfortably. It’s a perfect fit no matter the temperature, and you’ll never have to worry about losing it.

Why Do You Want One?

Why wouldn’t you want one?

  • It’s perfect for the gym rat.
  • It prevents loss and little white lies.
  • It keeps your S.O. happy (maybe the biggest benefit).
  • It’s durable, sleek, modern, comfortable, attractive, and in vogue.
  • It’s a more attractive and less painful addition to your body than a tattoo.

And another major bonus–– A silicone ring gives you a far more individualized style than a simple band, especially when there are eight styles to choose from for both men and women. That means you can be expressive in that cool, subtle way.

Who Wears Silicone Rings?

We asked because we wanted to know:

Who doesn’t want to wear a metal wedding band, but also doesn’t want to look like they’re wearing something that came from a gumball machine?

People who work with their hands came in at number one: musicians, artists (potters especially), typists, construction workers, welders, heavy equipment operators, carpenters, electricians, bakers, hair stylists, mechanics, preschool teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers, doctors, and emergency workers… that covers just about everyone not working on Wall Street, doesn’t it?

Silicone rings are making a huge trend because they’re functional, safe, and pretty cool too. From backpack to boardroom, swim meets to safety requirements, for whatever reason and in whatever environment you choose to wear one, you’re going to love the one you choose today.