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Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
Elasti-Sand Tub | 500 grams | Assorted Colours | As Seen on Instagram
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Stretchy Sand That Extends The Fun & Imagination

What’s more satisfying than playing with squeezy, slimy, sandy goop, that isn’t messy? Kids don’t care about icky, sticky hands, tables, or floors, but we know you do! That’s why we created ElastiSand––the play solution that’s better than silly puddy, playdough, or other smelly, messy concoctions for kids. Now you can have hours of fun creating shapes and stretching this super dough from one end of the room to the other!

How Much Fun Can You Handle?

Stretch it, smash it, squeeze it, sculpt it. Create any shape you want. Press into a mold. Roll it into a ball. Stretch it out like ooey-gooey bubblegum, without any sticky residue left on your hands. ElastiSand is an excellent way to entertain your child and build the small muscles in their hands and fingers. Soft, solid, stretchy, and silly. This is what master manipulation is all about!

Playtime Just Got Way More Fun

Think play is just about fun? It is! But it’s also an excellent way for children to learn about the properties of different objects, foster cognitive skills and creativity, and develop motor control and independence. ElastiSand is made for children aged 4 and older, and it supports their fascination with cause and effect. Engage your child in hours of silly, stretchy fun. ElastiSand is available in six different colors. But don’t choose––get all six and create a rainbow of activity!

Let Your Kid Explore & Experiment with Elasti Sand Kit

Develop Fine Motor Skills

Small muscles in the fingers and hand need lots of opportunities to grip, squeeze, poke, and stretch to strengthen their dexterity. ElastiSand is recommended by early childhood experts to help prepare your child’s motor skills for writing.

Foster Creativity

Encourage the imagination and keep children engaged for hours of silly, educative fun. ElastiSand may seem silly––it is!––and it’s so much more! What will they create with the opportunity to explore and experiment freely?

Comes in 6 Different Colors

A rainbow of learning opportunity awaits. With six different colors, can watch your child delight in exploring and identifying all the different colors. Orange, blue, yellow, green, pink, and purple cover the spectrum of children’s favorite colors.

Available in 4 Sizes

You simply can’t get enough of a good time! But we created four sizes just in case: 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilogram, and 2 kilograms. Keep one container at home and stash one in your handbag for those times you need to keep your little one occupied when you’re out and about. Perfect for the classroom too!

Key Features of ElastiSand

  • Non-sticky
  • Does not leave any residue on your hands
  • It’s not messy
  • Super soft
  • Play-safe material: Borax-free with unscented ingredients

Open-ended Magic

We didn’t include instructions for a reason! Indulge your child’s fascination with soft, solid, stretchy sand dough that molds into any possible shape. All you need is a set of active hands and your imagination to create anything you want, or simply explore textures and colors. Simply knead ElastiSand for 2-3 minutes until doughy, play for hours, then store in its original container.

Play-safe Material

With tactile stimulation this fun, you want to ensure that your child’s safety is number one. That’s why we made ElastiSand Borax-free with unscented ingredients that won’t mildew or invite your child to taste it. As a general recommendation, we encourage you to test ElastiSand first, and remind your child it’s for hands only!

ElastiSand: Stretch Out The Benefits


Simple, Clean Fun

No expensive gadgets required! Enjoy hours of easy enjoyment without any complicated instructions, close adult supervision, or mess to clean up.

Learn Without Boundaries

Exploring open-ended learning materials like ElastiSand in early childhood is a key way to encourage your child’s interest and excitement in learning.

Extend The Imagination

What more can you do with ElastiSand? This stretchy sand offers a perfect opportunity for exploring mix arts media. Add molds, plastic animals, feathers, pompoms, and more!

Includes one container of Elastisand.

Also available: 100 grams, 1 kg, and 2 kg.

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